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mobiDEOS integrates with OnSSI for IP VMS apps

mobiDEOS announces that its ONVIF-compatible, IP- and cloud-enabled surveillance platform, UCNE, now integrates with Ocularis 4.1 video management software (VMS) solutions from OnSSI. Ocularis, OnSSI’s flagship IP video surveillance and security platform, combines powerful network video recorders (NVRs) with physical security information management (PSIM) functionality.

March 4, 2015  By Staff

The latest generation of the brand offers five models for streaming, recording and managing cameras across organizations of any size or structure.
The integration of Ocularis with UCNE ensures that video images from any analog camera or DVR can be obtained and stored for network-based VMS applications. mobiDEOS’ open-systems approach ensures a plug-and-play transition to IP and cloud-based VMS applications for Ocularis users, at the lowest possible cost (one-quarter of the industry average) for technology and systems integration.
Moshe Levi, Product Manager, OnSSI, stresses its relationship with mobiDEOS is ideal for its customers based on both companies’ hardware- and software-agnostic integration strategies. Levi adds that its customers in transportation, education and law enforcement facilities will particularly benefit from the integrated solution.
“In the VMS universe, most manufacturers sell their own appliances that force customers into proprietary systems with limited options for pricing and scalability,” said Levi. “OnSSI provides the option to Mix & Match different recorders within the greater VMS architecture, thereby lowering the cost and even enabling the customer to tailor the system to specific sections of a deployment. And with our integration to mobiDEOS’ UCNE encoding platform, our customers aren’t forced into an immediate, all-at-once transition. They can test the IP waters and migrate as gradually as they please, leaving as many existing analog channels intact for any length of time.”
mobiDEOS has been gradually incorporating more cloud technologies from its surveillance ecosystem into UCNE. Most recently, the company announced support for video verification solutions. This simplifies how alarm dealers work with central monitoring stations by leveraging the end user’s investment in existing analog systems.
“Our integration with OnSSI ensures that users are not burdened by expensive video encoder costs to leverage the power of IP for the analog infrastructure they currently have,” said Sri L. Palasamudram, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), mobiDEOS. “This is especially important as it gives customers the freedom, flexibility and higher video quality that comes with IP-based VMS, without a massive upfront investment.” 
Companies interested in integrating with mobiDEOS may contact sean@mobideos-inc.com or call 408-716-8347.

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