Mechanically steerable line array

TOA Canada Corporation, manufacturer of commercial audio and intercom products, announces the launch of the SR-MF1 Mechanically Steerable Line Array.

August 14, 2014
By Staff

The SR-MF1 is designed to bridge the cost gap between a fixed/passive array speaker and active/digitally steerable line arrays, the SR-MF1 provides vertical angle adjustment between 0 and 30 degrees, even from a fixed wall mount position. This allows achieving the proper coverage angle without the need for re-positioning the speaker or resorting to more expensive options. Its slim-line appearance blends in with even the most delicate architecture and is available in black or white versions. The SR-M1 has a compliment of 4 x 2.8” mid-range speakers and 8 x 2” high-frequency tweeters on a flexible baffle. There is also a stackable SR-ML1 low-frequency extension box for improved low-frequency coverage, with a compliment of 4 x 3.5” specially-design LF speaker. These two speakers may be joined in various configurations to create either a full-range or bi-amped set. The SR-MF1 & SR-ML1 will be available in Black or White finishes and ships in June, 2014 along with a selection of mounting hardware options. They will carry TOAs 5-year Audio Product Warranty.

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