Management for blue light phones, mass notification systems

Code Blue Corporation announces the release of the ToolVox X3, the third generation of its management platform for blue light phones and mass notification systems.

August 5, 2014
By Staff

For the past five years, ToolVox has set the standard for systems management. By offering unique real-time monitoring and provisioning options for emergency phones, ToolVox is a hub for connecting Help Points and other emergency devices to Code Blue’s software.

“Combining updated software and all-new hardware, the ToolVox X3 resets the bar for systems management by making it easier to provision, monitor and support emergency communication devices and software,” Code Blue Chief Operating Officer David Cook said.

The X3 operating system provides users with a streamlined experience, including improved provisioning options and updated interfaces. The ToolVox X3 OS includes an Administration module for communication management, plus Unit Programming and Diagnostics (UPD), which was previously offered as a premium module. It also runs Code Blue’s proprietary incident response software, Blue Alert MNS and EMS. The ToolVox X3 OS is available as an upgrade for all previous versions of the ToolVox media gateways and is free to all customers who have an active maintenance agreement directly with Code Blue.

For new users or customers ready to upgrade their hardware, Code Blue also announces an all-new media gateway. As the third edition of this product, the X3 serves as the hub for a customer’s emergency communication network, bringing analog and IP emergency devices together and supporting connections to PBX, public telephone (PSTN) and Internet (ISP) networks and third party security platforms. Occupying just two rack units (RU), the X3 satisfies emergency communication requirements by offering redundant power supplies and utilizing hot-swappable RAID drives.

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