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Long range, rugged access control

MAXU1002 is a standalone RFID reader for vehicle access control. It can be mounted anywhere as vehicles enter and exit areas, such as parking lots or gated facilities.

September 26, 2014
By Staff

The MAXU1002 will recognise any Passive UHF Gen 2 tags, such as windshield labels. It can store and manage up to 1,000 vehicle ID numbers. The validation of the vehicle ID can be done based on temporary access parameters. There are also 15 user definable time zones available. Holidays and vacation days can be included.

The MAXU1002, with two antennas, can monitor multiple lanes or the simultaneous checking of entry and exit. The built- in multiplexer can support up to four antennas and has protection against fault conditions like antenna shortcut, antenna mismatching and electrostatic discharge. The reader also comes with one trigger input port, two outputs ports and an Ethernet interface.

With the software “OBID myAXXESS Manager (Light)”, user data and access parameters can be easily administrated on a PC and transferred to the MAXU1002 by using a temporary network connection. After the transfer of user data, the reader can run offline as a standalone device.


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