Home Automation
Local control of lights, locks, video and more

Honeywell introduces the VISTA Automation Module (VAM), which allows security dealers to offer affordable home automation to customers who own VISTA security systems. The VAM can control up to 40 Z-Wave devices – including thermostats, locks and light fixtures – to help installers more-easily create connected homes with security technology at the core.

June 24, 2014
By Staff

The device supports up to six cameras, and a built-in web server allows homeowners to control the VAM and view live video using any web-supported device such as a smartphone or tablet while on the premises. Additionally, consumers using the award-winning Honeywell Total Connect Remote Servicescan control the system remotely from anywhere with an Internet connection.

“With over ten million VISTA security control panels installed across North America, VAM presents an incredible opportunity for upgrades, account retention and RMR—especially when combined with Honeywell Total Connect,” said Alan Stoddard, senior marketing director, Honeywell Security Products Americas. “Home automation has become a standard ask of homeowners today, and more security professionals are realizing it’s the most natural way to grow their businesses.”

For example, dealers can offer homeowners the ability to use the VAM to lower energy costs using Z-Wave programmable thermostats. When a homeowner leaves for the day and arms the security system, for instance, a VISTA panel with a VAM can subsequently alter the thermostat settings to an energy-saving mode.