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Leviton’s new Salesforce Virtual Remote Assistant

The new software provides a visual connection between Leviton's technical experts and the client to cut down problem-resolution times.

February 8, 2022  By SP&T Staff

Leviton says it has made enhancements to its technical support capabilities with the introduction of the Salesforce Visual Remote Assistant. With this software tool, builders, contractors and homeowners can connect with Leviton technical service representatives via video directly from their mobile device.

Using the Virtual Remote Assistant, Salesforce clients can access help from Leviton’s team to resolve their issues. Technicians and installers can use this software to transmit live video and images of technical issues from their workspace while speaking to a live expert.

“Our new Salesforce Visual Remote Assistant tool offers our customers a unique, innovative and user-friendly customer service experience. With visual access to enhance troubleshooting and diagnoses, our technical service team is even better equipped to guide customers quickly and clearly through the process of resolving issues. This is particularly helpful with the installation, set-up and use of more technically advanced products,” said Brian Avery, senior manager, technical services, Leviton in a statement.

The software is meant to cut down the amount of time needed to resolve issues. The visual connection between the remote Leviton representative and client should allow the expert to immediately understand the problem and provide a solution as soon as possible. The remote assistant software also provides the technical expert the opportunity to review results before confirming that the issue has indeed been resolved.


The Salesforce Visual Remote Assistant does not require users to download an app. When visual assistance is needed, customers are sent a text message or email to their smart device containing a secure link that will directly connect them to a member of the Leviton Technical Service team. For privacy and security, the link is a one-time use code which expires following the completion of the support session.

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