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Legrand North and Central America outlines next stages of IoT development

Legrand North and Central America recently outlined a series of ongoing partnerships and technology initiatives that will help develop IoT for residential and commercial applications.

April 16, 2018  By  SP&T Staff

The company announced three major areas of focus that are driving IoT development:

• Smart technology outside of the home: Intelligent devices and voice control technology are finding their ways into commercial applications. Legrand recently announced a partnership with Marriott International and Samsung to create an IoT-powered hotel room. Guests will see elements of the technology in hotel rooms within the next five years.

• Interoperability: Legrand’s new developer program, “Works with Legrand,” allows existing and potential new partners to develop interoperable solutions to create a broader ecosystem of smart devices. The program, which features 20 partnerships, is open to start-ups, manufacturers and service providers.

• IoT lighting the way: Connected products extend to areas such as commercial lighting. Wireless Digital Lighting Management (DLM) solutions from Legrand’s Wattstopper offer components that are easy to install and service, are scalable and backward compatible with wired DLM, and offer security measures to provide secure wireless lighting systems, says the company. Legrand’s wireless DLM systems work on open standards to allow for IoT integration.


“We have reached a critical inflection point where we have shifted our focus from educating the market about the opportunities of IoT to introducing real technology solutions in a variety of residential and commercial applications,” said Manny Linhares, director of IoT strategy, Legrand North and Central America. “Legrand remains committed to our goal of providing products with autonomous capabilities that deliver greater end-user value and deliver on the ultimate promise of IoT.”

Since launching the company’s IoT program, ELIOT, in 2016, Legrand has announced new connected products and formed partnerships with companies including Amazon, Cisco, Ivani, Samsung and Marriott.

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