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LED strips from SECO-LARM

SECO-LARM now has available for immediate shipment the SL-S212 12-Inch Flexible LED Strips. 

November 17, 2010
By Staff

The LED Strips are available in Red, White, Blue, and Yellow. 

Each strip is flexible with a peel-off self-adhesive backing for easy installations anywhere.  Up to 30 strips can be connected, and each strip can be cut at every three LEDs to accommodate any installation. The strips are energy efficient (only 2.4W), have reliable gold-plated connectors, and reverse polarity protection.

 LED Strips are perfect for visual signaling, fence and gate lighting (if housed or epoxied), stairway and safety lighting, and much more.

SECO-LARM also has available two new High-Intensity LED Modules.  The SL-1311-MA is a rectangular module with four high-intensity 1-Watt LEDs. The SL-1302-MA is a disk module with 52 LEDs. 

Both models are available in Clear, Red, Blue, and Amber.

LED Modules have 19 built-in programmable flash patterns including steady on, all LEDs flashing together, and alternating flashing.  They have a long operating life of up to 100,000 hours of continuous use. 

The modules are weatherproof (IP66) and vibration-resistant for indoor or outdoor installation, making them ideal for several applications including visual indication, caution or hazard lighting, police and security vehicles, fire trucks, construction vehicles, ambulances, and much more.

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