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Lanvac to open new Montreal facility

May 14, 2019  By  Neil Sutton

Lanvac's newest facility in Montreal.

Montreal-based Lanvac recently announced it has purchased a new facility, also in Montreal, to accommodate growth and expand operations.

The wholesale monitoring firm currently operates five other central stations in Canada in addition to Montreal — Ottawa, Quebec City, Toronto, Halifax and Burnaby, B.C. The newest Montreal facility will be its seventh.

John Georgoudes, the company’s president, told SP&T News that the current location was “bursting at the seams,” necessitating the expansion. Lanvac’s existing station in Montreal is approximately 10,000 sq. ft. The new location, which is a similarly sized, is approximately seven km away. In addition to monitoring, it will also house the company’s accounting and administrative operations. Georgoudes said he will also move his office there and the building will function as the company’s headquarters when completed. The new location will undergo renovations and is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2019.

“We are going to start moving July 1,” said Georgoudes. “I’m hoping that in the month of July, accounting and marketing will be settled in. By October, I’m hoping the construction will start and we’ll have monitoring and the data centre on the ground floor.” He added that having a second facility in Montreal is also useful in terms of providing a back-up should anything unforeseen happen to one location or the other.


Georgoudes indicated that an eighth station for Lanvac is also in the works as the company looks to expand its Toronto operations with a second facility there. “Toronto is going to be ready next year,” he said. “Toronto is going to be the eighth and then we’ll see what the market dictates.”

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