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LANVAC Surveillance and NBG Telecom

January 16, 2023  Sponsored by

3 Years ago LANVAC Surveillance inc launched a sister company, NBG Telecom, a wholesale distribution company that sells alarm equipment to Lanvac’s alarm dealers.

NBG Telecom’s mission is to provide the necessary tools to Alarm Dealers to successfully compete against Big Telecom.

The Alarm products NBG sells are specially hand picked to meet the dealers needs in the field and in their pockets.

The M2M Universal cellular communicator for example, is compatible with ANY panel, connects to ALL providers and has the lowest monthly rates in the industry. This covers the universal communicator market.

The Bosch ULC Fire Kit we sell, comes with our own SIM card, which is priced at $6/month and remains ULC on a 90-second poll supervision. Our cards are also roaming, they will hop on an alternative cellular provider in the event a provider goes down… This covers the Fire ULC market.

Lanvac & NBG will NEVER compete with its customers. The two companies only do business with other Alarm companies and never to the end-user. Their philosophy at the core is quality service and the continued cultivation of its dealers.

An intergenerational family business serving all of Canada.

We remain 100% CANADIAN OWNED.


NBG is a family business and a human-scale organization. This gives us stability and a long term vision of fair competition in the alarm industry.

We provide transparent advice and always recommend the best solutions and products for your clients’ needs.

We are available for our clients: we support you from the product purchase to the installation, including all the necessary tests to ensure full operability.

With over 40 years of experience in the surveillance industry, we offer our expertise in product distribution, sales and technical support.

We work tirelessly to make the alarm industry more human and approachable. We provide you with the best tools to maintain your positioning in the market against telecom giants.

Top Lobster: Stephanos Georgoudes, 1-833-352-6822

Master of Coin: Nick Georgoudes, 1-866-237-0177

Sales Captain: Jerry Korogiannis, 1-833-624-8353 Ext. 1

Technical King: Jake Bosse, 833-624-8353 Ext. 2

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