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Konica Minolta Canada leverages MOBOTIX partnership for video solution

October 11, 2022  By  SP&T Staff

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (Canada) announced the launch of FORXAI Video Security Solution (VSS), an offering that includes its FORXAI Video Security Solution for Intelligent Surveillance and point-of-entry solution FORXAI Video Security Solution for Secure Access.

In support of this, Konica Minolta said it will build on its long-standing technology partnership with MOBOTIX — joint logistic centres will support faster accessibility as well as a larger supply of high-end video technology solutions reaching locations in North, Central and South America.

Konica Minolta said its FORXAI Video Security Solution provides a comprehensive end-to-end offering that helps organizations analyze processes, situations and behaviour through features like motion/PPE detection, facial recognition, object tracking and two-way alerting.

“Konica Minolta Canada’s launch of MOBOTIX Video Security Solutions (VSS) is an exciting step forward in our partnership with MOBOTIX. One of our most vital strategic pillars is our VSS strategy, which has immense potential to drive growth,” said Mike Vrionis, national manager DX Initiatives, Konica Minolta Canada in a statement. “The VSS offering will allow us to take security to a whole new level and safeguard our clients across all industries.”


“To understand the importance of this partnership, you have to move away from the concept of traditional video surveillance. In recent years, the needs of end-users have changed significantly. The new demand for video surveillance goes far beyond the concept of security. A smart solution by today’s standards should meet the highest cybersecurity and privacy standards, such as the US NDAA requirements, and provide end-users with a tangible return on investment,” said Thomas Lausten, CEO, MOBOTIX. “We focus on how video can meet customers’ requirements for video analysis. It’s no longer just about managing security, but managing and analyzing data, information and everything related to it as quickly as possible. In this way, we are moving successfully into the future with our strong partners, such as Konica Minolta.”

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