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Key control for fleets

May 21, 2019
By SP&T Staff

Morse Watchmans‘ KeyWatcher Fleet offers fleet managers a wide array of tools to maintain and optimize vehicle usage while reducing many operational costs. Managers can create user role-based “Pools”, or groups of vehicles, to automatically assign each vehicle accordingly. Flexible booking workflows enable customization to balance usage, ensure vehicle availability and more. A range of service features makes it possible to report problems and automatically initiate new or scheduled work on each vehicle. System alerts notify management to specific issues such as an unauthorized booking attempt or expiring driver’s license, and the system generates a number of useful reports with actionable insights. “Morse Watchmans Smarts” lets users create policies to enable automatic allocation of vehicle for each driver. Settings can be configured by lowest mileage, most fuel, priority, first in/first out and more. Each driver need only enter their code and the key for their allocated vehicle will be released to them. A dashboard displays real-time status, bookings summary, vehicle use and many other data points.


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