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iWatchLife announces return of Lifetime Essential Plan

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, and Father’s Day not far behind, do-it-yourself home monitoring leader iWatchLife is announcing the return of their Lifetime Essential plan, for a limited time only.

May 6, 2014  By Staff

Until July 1, 2014, customers may purchase the Lifetime Essential plan for a one-time fee of $249, plus the cost of the camera. The plan offers all of the features of the company’s regular annual Essential subscription service.

“Home monitoring by a family member is a way to help ensure older parents are safe and healthy,” says iWatchLife’s President and CEO, Charles Black, “especially if the family can’t be there in person every day. It also makes the lives of busy sandwich generation moms and dads easier.”

iWatchLife is an affordable, do-it-yourself video monitoring system that lets families remotely keep a watchful eye over all aspects of their life—home, pets, vacation property, contractors—from any handheld device, tablet, or computer, from wherever they are. It uses bank-level encryption, so it’s private and completely secure. The family member controls who sees the video.

The service uses a unique, cloud-based, smart technology that understands the context and relevance of events. Rather than recording continuously, it records only when it detects events that have been specified as important, and then notifies the home owner in real time. For example, someone who wants to know when anyone enters their home would use the software to draw a zone around the door. The advanced algorithms will ignore irrelevant things like rain or snow, blowing leaves, or people walking by the door outside, and only alert the home owner when somebody walks through the door, minimizing false alerts.


Tom Leger, VP of Business Development for iWatchLife, explains why the popular Lifetime Essential plan is back in time for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. “It’s a fact of modern life that many people are taking care of their older parents and their kids at the same time. They are caught in the middle, and really feeling the squeeze, both in terms of time and money. They need to be everywhere at once, which is what remote monitoring helps them do, and they don’t have time to sift through hours of video or deal with false alerts.”

iWatchLife is do-it-yourself monitoring, so it’s very cost-effective to begin with. But it’s better than that, according to Mr. Leger. “Unlike other services, we don’t charge extra service fees for extra cameras, so you can have one at home to help keep an eye on the kids, and then put another at your parents’ place, and you still only pay the one service fee. What’s even more exciting is, on top of all that, we are the only service in the industry that offers a lifetime plan. This kind of pricing is absolutely unique in the market today. You won’t find a better offer than this, but it’s only for a limited time.”

iWatchLife’s Director of Marketing and Communications adds that the smart technology provides an inexpensive, time-saving tool to help the stressed-out sandwich generation stay on top of the important things in life. “They can keep an eye on their kids, parents, pets, and vacation properties—everything that matters—without having to review hours of the useless information you get from a service that records continuously. The Lifetime Essential offer makes it accessible to just about everyone.”

Those of us who sheepishly admit to buying flowers for Mom and barbecue utensils for Dad year after year should take note. iWatchLife is a different kind of gift—independence, safety, security, and peace of mind.

“For many elderly Americans, remaining independent and extending the length of time that they can stay in their own homes is what matters most,” says Mr. Black. “We have to use all the means at our disposal to help them. iWatchLife is a practical, lasting gift that conveys love and concern for parents’ well-being, and strengthens family bonds. We are passionate about making people’s lives better.”

The company regularly offers two annual subscription service plans: the Starter, which costs $59 per year, and the Essential, which goes for $99 per year. Mr. Leger points out, “At $249, the Lifetime Essential plan pays for itself in only two and half years.” He adds, “It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and shipping for the camera is free, so there really is no risk for the consumer.”

iWatchLife will offer the Lifetime Essential plan until July 1, 2014.

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