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Iveda Solutions rebrands as Iveda

Iveda Solutions, Inc. has announced that the Company will henceforth conduct its business as “Iveda.”

January 8, 2014  By Staff

“For some time now, customers, vendors and others have been referring to our company as Iveda,” said Luz Berg, COO and CMO of Iveda Solutions, Inc. “We simply want to make it official. It is easier for people to remember ‘Iveda’ because it isn’t the mouthful that ‘Iveda Solutions’ is.”

Founded in 2003, Iveda Solutions, Inc. is an established, innovative company that delivers secure, open source, enterprise-class managed video services by leveraging the power of cloud computing.

The Company’s name, which was inspired by the word “veda” (“see” in Italian), is perfectly aligned with the company’s business – providing real-time IP video surveillance services.

“Iveda has created a solid organization, including an enterprise-class, cloud-based video hosting architecture that supports the scalability, flexibility and centralized video management requirements of its customers,” continued Berg.  “Users of Iveda’s technology platform are able to remotely access centrally managed ‘live’ and recorded video without having to purchase and maintain software and on-site recording equipment. Iveda delivers the true essence of video surveillance through cloud computing, like no other.”


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