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ISC West 2023 Recap: News and photos

April 5, 2023  By  SP&T Staff

Image courtesy ISC West

ISC West, held March 28-31, 2023, in Las Vegas offered a bustling trade show and education track for its global attendees. Missed the show or looking for more information? Check out photos and announcements from the security industry event.

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Active Intelligence

Active Intelligence featured the company’s flagship Autonomous Video Anomaly Detection solution, ASTRA, at ISC West 2023.

In addition to demonstrating ASTRA’s anomaly detection proficiency, Active Intelligence showcased integrations with video management systems (VMS) from Milestone (XProtect), Qognify (Ocularis), and Genetec (Security Center).

“Sometimes you need to break the rules to stand out in an overcrowded market with me-too solutions. ASTRA does just that by empowering security professionals with a powerful, pre-emptive security and business intelligence solution that establishes new benchmarks in the anomaly detection space,” said Ken LaMarca, CEO, Active Intelligence. “By eliminating the need for pre-configured rules, ASTRA provides the unparalleled ability to identify when anything is amiss in a scene, whether it be an act of violence, an individual in distress, or a product falling off an assembly line.”



AlertEnterprise announced the launch of its Guardian AI Chatbot powered by OpenAI ChatGPT. The company debuted the AI Chatbot globally at the end of March at the ASIS Europe and ISC West trade events.

The Guardian AI Chatbot is developed with the GPT-3 platform created by OpenAI.

“Physical security and access control systems have always contained a tremendous wealth of data but, until now, accessing it was a tedious and manual process,” said Yogesh Ailawadi, SVP Product and Solutions Engineering at AlertEnterprise. “Our Guardian AI Chatbot is poised to redefine the security operator’s experience, increasing their productivity by over 100 times with instant and actionable insights for not only risk mitigation but real business value.”

According to the company, the Guardian AI Chatbot has been trained on ChatGPT’s most recent content and prompts and can understand and interpret text and voice using a natural language processing (NLP) engine.

The Chatbot can quickly answer a range of questions related to physical access, identity access management, visitor management, door reader analytics, and security and safety reporting.

Some examples include:

  • “Guardian, how many employees and visitors are in the Data Center?”
  • “Guardian, how many new employee badges did we issue last month?”
  • “Guardian, show me upcoming employee training expirations for restricted area access.”

AlertEnterprise also recently announced a partnership with WaveLynx, a provider of interoperable access control solutions, now offering employee badge in Apple Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch.



Altronix displayed new solutions for emergency communications and occupancy monitoring enhancing the company’s expanded portfolio of access, surveillance, security, and fire products at ISC West.

“This year at ISC West, we are further expanding our portfolio with new products that ensure sustained emergency communications and help facilities reduce risks and liabilities in public-facing secured areas. We are also displaying new enhancements to our leading lines of products for critical security applications,” said Alan Forman, president, Altronix.

Altronix OA2 Occupancy Alert System provides notifications when unauthorized activity or loitering occurs in up to two protected areas. This stand-alone solution is suited for deployment in public-facing areas such as restrooms in convenience stores, retail establishments, restaurants, universities, sports and recreation venues, etc.

Altronix previewed COMMBATT Power and Backup for Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement Systems. This provides power and back-up for bi-directional amplifiers (BDA) and other critical system components, while monitoring a wide range of internal supervisory conditions, including BDA health. An optional annunciator facilitates remote status monitoring.

An updated LINQ Dashboard enables remote power management of virtually unlimited Altronix LINQ enabled products throughout multiple sites, providing comprehensive remote power diagnostics and reporting, along with new features. Dashboard v12 is backward compatible with existing LINQ enabled devices.



The ASSA ABLOY booth included several of the company’s newest innovations and emerging technologies:

Medeco eCLIQ: Medeco eCLIQ features a non-mechanical key blade which includes an embedded battery that powers the electronics in the cylinder, and a water resistance rating of IP67. It also features a Bluetooth activation switch and a longer battery life — up to 10-year extended battery life for user keys.

HES 9200 Surface Mount Double Door Electric Strike for use with tubular exit devices: The HES 9200 electric strike offers retro-mounted installation within the existing mechanical prep for installation without frame modifications. With adaptable voltage sensing technology, no wiring selection is required. Additionally, the 9200 features field selectable fail safe/fail secure functionality and monitoring options.

Adams Rite DL100 Aperio Wireless Deadlatch with card reader for aluminum door entrances: The Adams Rite DL100 is a retrofit solution that combines electrified locking hardware with an access control system in standard aluminium-stile doors. The DL100 uses low-energy motorized EcoLatch actuator technology for silent operation and provides a multiCLASS SE contactless card reader that supports 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz credentials, with optional support for BLE or NFC Mobile Access.

Luxer One Lockers: ASSA ABLOY showcased its range of Luxer One Lockers, suited for the college and university market. “Luxer One Lockers solve multiple challenges, from more efficient and secure package delivery to contactless delivery for food, library services, and IT repairs. With the ability to support industry-leading credentials like HID and Transact, it extends access management to many important functions on campus,” said Angelo Faenza, head of Digital Access Solutions at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Americas.


Axis Communications

Axis Communications announced the debut of its latest product and solutions offering at ISC West. The unveiling included a series of panoramic cameras, two dome cameras, and a new thermal camera designed for large-scale remote temperature monitoring. Each of these devices is built on ARTPEC-8 chip technology and equipped with a Deep Learning Processing Unit (DLPU), making it possible to run advanced video analytics at the network edge.

“Video analytics and AI-based technologies are rapidly evolving and providing new solutions to security and business-related challenges,” said Fredrik Nilsson, VP, Americas, Axis Communications. “Axis is committed to putting deep learning capabilities at the edge — making our ARTPEC-8 chip with DLPU the foundation of our new cameras — to offer greater intelligence, efficiency and opportunity. Visitors to the Axis ISC West booth can demo our newly launched cameras and meet our ecosystem partners to discover amazing solutions that leverage our tech and expand system capabilities.”

The products that Axis Communications debuted at ISC West include:

Ultra-compact panoramic cameras designed for indoor surveillance: The AXIS M4327-P and AXIS M4328-P Panoramic Cameras are discreet, easy to install, and deliver 360° or 180° views at up to 30 FPS. Equipped with a 6MP lens and a 12MP lens, respectively, and can ensure true colours.

Panoramic mini-dome cameras designed for any light conditions: Outdoor-ready, the AXIS M4317-PLVE camera includes a 6 MP sensor while the AXIS M4318-PLVE includes a 12 MP sensor. Both deliver images in any light conditions and feature a stereographic lens and Sharpdome 360, delivering greater sharpness at the edge of the image.

Advanced domes with remote adjustment and support for advanced analytics: Built on the latest Axis system-on-chip (SoC), the AXIS Q3626-VE and AXIS Q3628-VE cameras each feature a deep learning processing unit for improved processing capabilities. Due to Lightfinder 2.0 and Forensic WDR, these cameras deliver image quality and forensic details, even in low light.

Multisensor panoramic camera capable of delivering 180° coverage with no blind spots: The AXIS P3827-PVE offers panoramic overview of extensive areas with 180° horizontal and 90° vertical coverage with no blind spots. For a complete 360° overview, two cameras can also be mounted back-to-back using AXIS T94V01C Dual Camera Mount. Horizon straightening capabilities ensure visually balanced images, providing the operator with a more natural viewing experience.

Thermal camera for large-scale remote temperature monitoring: The AXIS Q2101-TE can measure temperatures from -40 °C to 350 °C (-40 °F to 660 °F) and can trigger a notification when the temperature passes a set threshold or if the temperature increases or decreases too rapidly.


Boon Edam

Boon Edam announced a series of new solutions, products and programs at ISC West.

“From our new Signature Series to Boon Edam’s 150th anniversary, Integrator Certification Program, and upgraded product features, there is so much to celebrate at this year’s ISC West,” said Valerie Currin, CEO and Managing Director, Boon Edam.

The following new product developments were on display or promoted at the Boon Edam booth:

Boon Edam’s Signature Series for the Speedlane Compact is designed to introduce security into areas where space is limited, but a high level of style and throughput are paramount. This series of speed gates utilize advanced tailgating and safety detection sensors to protect against unauthorized access and alleviate pressure on security guards or personnel.

The Winglock Swing Access Gate with enhanced product features and dimensions is the first in Boon Edam’s product line to comply to the upcoming ISO EN17352 Safety Standard. The new expanded range of dimensions for the Winglock Swing covers a passage of 3 feet at a height of just under 6 feet.

Boon Edam also debuted a new smash resistant laminate film, designed to prevent vandalism amongst a range of its glass-equipped security entrances. This film works to keep glass intact upon impact after an attempt to break the glass is made. The result is a strong barrier of glass that protects against unauthorized entry and smash and grab burglaries. The laminate film can be applied to Boon Edam’s Tourlock, Circlelock and Lifeline Swing series of products.

In addition to showcasing its range of security products, Boon Edam also shared information regarding the Boon Edam Security Integrator Certification Program. The program provides video tutorials and other learning materials necessary for security integrator technicians to understand the working principles, safe operation, access control and fire systems integrations, configuration, and troubleshooting procedures related to Boon Edam’s security entrance solutions. The instruction is accompanied by short evaluations that allow technicians to move further through the program. Once competence is shown, technicians will obtain a digital certification that will follow the technician.

Boon Edam also celebrated its 150th anniversary at ISC West 2023.



BriefCam announced the release of version 2023 M1 of its video analytics platform, showcased at ISC West in Las Vegas. With this version, BriefCam debuts its patent-pending Custom ClassifID innovation while also introducing optimizations to the platform’s infrastructure, real-time performance, and accuracy, as well as new features to enhance usability and investigation efficiency.

“The strength of BriefCam’s solution is in the extensibility of its analytics capabilities across the platform for accelerated video search, real-time alerting, and data visualization and analysis,” Dana Keren, BriefCam VP of product, said. “The addition of the revolutionary Custom ClassifID innovation further empowers our customers to maximize that value by defining and training AI neural networks on-site to better serve the needs of their unique environments.”

With the Custom ClassifID solution, each organization can define additional object classes for video search, alerting and intelligence, on top of the set of detected classes available in the BriefCam Video Analytics Platform. With environment-specific classifications, such as unique vehicle types or uniformed employees, users can independently tailor the video analytics technology to meet their specific and evolving needs at scale without sending data off-site or outsourcing classifier network training.

Customers who upgrade to 23 M1 leveraging the existing, Windows-based infrastructure and hardware investments can expect an optimized throughput of up to 25% for both real-time and on-demand channels. With the new version, those upgrading to the Linux-based infrastructure will experience 100% increased throughput for real-time channels, as well.


DEN Smart Home

DEN Smart Home, creators of the wireless communicating smart door strike – SmartStrike – has launched a new authorized dealer program.

The company says the access control solution is an invisible, wireless smart door strike that installs easily and discreetly into the door frame. Featuring an inconspicuous design, users get the benefits of a smart door lock without compromising the aesthetic design of the door. With the DEN SmartStrike users can maintain their existing door hardware including the handle.

Dealers who sign on to the authorized dealer program will be able to purchase a SmartStrike for their home or show room at a discounted rate of US$99. Additionally, orders of 24 or more will receive an additional 10% off dealer pricing. Dealers can sign up for the authorized dealer program at www.densmarthome.com/dealer.

“In an industry where margins on hardware continue to thin, the DEN SmartStrike gives dealers an opportunity to differentiate themselves and add a highly profitable new category. The concealed design of the DEN SmartStrike streamlines inventory management since dealers don’t need to stock a variety of colours or styles,” said Marijn van der Wal, founder of DEN Smart Home. “Giving dealers a chance to install the DEN SmartStrike at their home or business is the best way for them to learn the product and see the benefits – which is why we’re offering such a significant savings as part of the authorized dealer program.”

Once installed, users can still use their traditional key to unlock their door or via the companion app (available for both iOS and Android), to access their homes and businesses. Through the app, users can also create digital keys for family members, friends, and temporary guests.

One of the features of the DEN SmartStrike is that is it wireless. Powered by batteries and integrated with Z-Wave technology means the energy usage is low and batteries will last an estimated two years before they need to be replaced.



Five products anchored dormakaba’s ISC West 2023:

  • dormakaba Lyazon is a cloud-based API driven platform that integrates with a wide range of third-party systems and solutions to provide full control over every access point.
  • Keyscan KC Series Door Controller: a next generation controller half the size of legacy counterparts and optimized for Over-the-Air (OTA) updates and Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) readers.
  • Alvarado Argus V60 Optical Turnstile is a full-performance, compact optical turnstile suited for use where space is limited.
  • Alvarado SU5000 Optical Turnstile with a biometric reader is a swinging barrier optical turnstile featuring iris technology.
  • BEST EHD9000 Door Closer: a rack and pinion door closer with a single piece cast iron housing that withstands high stress applications in high traffic areas.

In addition, dormakaba showcased EntriWorX Planning 360°, a modern architectural specification and project planning platform supporting dormakaba and industry-leading solutions across American Institute of Architecture Divisions 8, 10, 11 and 28.


Farpointe Data

Farpointe Data announced the most recent update to its Conekt Wallet App — for iOS- and Android-based smartphones — includes a new Touchless Activation feature. Touchless Activation allows a select mobile credential to automatically activate when in range of a supported Conekt mobile-ready reader. According to the company, this functionality improves convenience for users making use of mobile technology in access control.

To enable Touchless Activation in the Conekt Wallet App, users switch on Touchless Activation in the app’s menu settings, then assign “Favorite” status to one mobile access credential in the wallet app.

Once the new feature is activated, Touchless Activation will be enabled as soon as the Conekt app is opened. When the mobile device is presented within the mobile read range of a supported Conekt reader, the mobile access credential will activate automatically. By default, read range is typically about four inches (102 mm).

“This is a feature many mobile access users have requested,” said Scott Lindley, general manager of Farpointe Data, in a statement. “It represents next-level convenience in the evolution of mobile access credentials. With Touchless Activation, it is now possible for a user to launch the Conekt app on their smartphone while at home in the morning. Then, as they move throughout their office during the workday, they simply need to present their smartphone to the reader to gain access.”

Once the Conekt app is launched, Touchless Activation will function for 12 hours with the Conekt app in either the foreground or background, and with the smartphone’s screen on or off. After this 12-hour period, Touchless Activation automatically disables. It can be re-enabled by bringing the Conekt app back into the foreground of the mobile device. This will begin a new 12-hour Touchless Activation session. Touchless Activation requires Version of the Conekt app and is supported by Conekt mobile-ready readers running Revision 8 or later.

According to Lindley, “We continually strive to remove barriers that allow security integrators to deliver their best access control deployments for their customers. Enhancing the convenience of mobile access credentials is another step forward in making Conekt the easiest-to-use mobile access ID solution on the market.”

The Conekt Wallet App update is available now on the Apple App Store for iOS-based devices and on Google Play for Android-base devices.


Hanwha Vision

Hanwha Vision showcased the following products at ISC West 2023:

SolidEDGE Camera: The SolidEDGE camera combines a built-in rugged Solid State Drive (SSD) that hosts an embedded WAVE VMS server to produce a server-less solution with cloud video management using Hanwha’s Wisenet WAVE Sync option enabling remote access and management of on-premise security systems. Each SolidEDGE camera with Wisenet WAVE can add and record up to five additional cameras, which brings the total number of cameras per EDGE system to six cameras.

Business Intelligence software: Hanwha Vision’s Business Intelligence software uses Hanwha cameras and AI analytics to visualize and monitor market trends and events in real time. Optimized for various customer environments — including retail, manufacturing, and cities — the new software helps customers understand and contextualize information about their facility and operations, according to the company

Wisenet WAVE Video Management Software (VMS) Version 5.1: Version 5.1 adds several key enhancements including cross-system navigation to support quick navigation between multiple, unique systems without having to disconnect/reconnect or navigate other systems concurrently with separate window instances; cross-system layouts to create and save tile layouts with cameras belonging to different, concurrently connected systems; and cross-system notifications and alerts from all concurrently connected systems are now consolidated and report within the same client instance.

WiseDetector: WiseDetector extends the capabilities of Hanwha’s Wisenet AI-powered P series cameras to detect specific user-defined objects, which can be filtered by colour. Hanwha’s Device Manager software collects the user‘s images of target objects and trains the Machine Learning model on the new objects. The resulting detection can be used for forensic search or to trigger events.

AI corner mount camera: The new TNV-C7013RC compact camera is specifically designed to prevent a ligature from being tied around it, or the camera from being forcibly removed. With a wide field of view to prevent blind spots, the 3 MP, AI-powered camera is a solution for a range of areas needing discreet monitoring. With AI built into the camera, users can conduct object detection and classification, search by colour of clothing or trigger an alarm based on colour detection.

AI PTZ: Adding AI capabilities to Hanwha’s PTZ cameras enables object detection (humans, vehicles) with attached metadata and lets users narrow their coverage down to specific people, objects, or angles. Hanwha’s AI-based Auto Tracking, based on deep-learning technology, improves small object detection and continuous tracking.

AI-powered four-and five-channel multi-sensor: The new PNM-C34404RQPZ is a 34 MP, five-channel AI IR PTRZ multi-directional camera with PTZ capabilities. All five channels can be remotely controlled to simplify the installation process and all camera adjustments can be done remotely using one IP address. The four-channel model will feature a dedicated IR LED for each channel to improve low-light monitoring.

Q Core: Hanwha Vision’s mid-tier Q-Core cameras now feature AI power for people and vehicle detection, reducing false alarms and recording bandwidth. The new series includes two 4K models (QNV-C9083R, QNO-C9083R) and two 5 MP models (QNV-C8083R, and QNO-C8083R).

High-speed License Plate Recognition: Hanwha Vision’s license plate recognition (LPR) technology now features a global shutter sensor for capturing plates at high speeds of up 125 miles per hour, and up to a distance of 150 feet. The TNO-7180RLP High Speed LPR Camera has a 3MP resolution, a 6.8~120mm(18x) Zoom Lens and Edge Storage pre-installed with 32GB Micro SD to support 10,000 LPR images.



“The present and future of public safety relies on technology,” said Sameer Agrawal, vice president and general manager, Fire Americas, Honeywell. “With our latest fire and life safety innovations, we are integrating intelligence throughout the life safety nexus — from the smoke detector to the first responder — to enable faster, more reliable alarm transmissions and dispatches. We are also moving from incident detection to prevention, improving life safety outcomes.”

Featured fire and life safety technologies include:

Increasingly connected fire alarms – Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell, a line of fire alarm control panels for small- to medium-sized facilities including the latest Endurance X Series of panels: the ES-50X, ES-200X and ES-1000X. The X Series includes built-in Pathway Communicator, which establishes a stronger, more reliable connection by combining dialer capture alarm transport functionality with the capabilities of Honeywell’s Connect Life Safety Services (CLSS).

Cloud-connected life safety – Honeywell’s Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS), is an end-to-end platform that leverages cloud-connected technology.

Faster data transmission tools – The Honeywell CLSS Pathway allows data transmission to central monitoring stations and provides access to Honeywell’s cloud-based solutions. The latest update integrates with the ES-50X and ES250X Fire-Lite addressable fire alarm control panels.

Featured security technologies include:

Battery-free security featuring increased smart phone integration – iLOQ’s range of electronic battery-free smart locks and keyless cellphone-based solutions will now integrate with Honeywell Pro-Watch 6.5.

Surveillance – Honeywell Pro-Watch 6.0 provides global integrated access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection in a single view to help protect staff, property, optimize productivity and comply with strict industry regulations while reducing operational costs.

Technologies for small and medium-sized building video security – The 35 Series IP cameras and NVR offerings, when combined, provide an NDAA-compliant, end-to-end encrypted video security solution suitable for small- to medium-sized buildings. The latest update includes bullet, dome, micro-dome, ball and Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) models with 2, 3, 5 and 8MP resolution options. The fully featured NVRs include a built-in encryption chipset.



IDIS unveiled its NDAA-compliant AI in the Box (DV-3200) at ISC West. This pre-configured video analytics server gives large-scale users the ability to boost the efficiency of their surveillance operations with and in-house developed deep learning analytics, according to the company.

The new NDAA-compliant enterprise-class, 64-channel video analytics server with an NVIDIA CUDA and high-performance-accelerated platform uses the IDIS Deep Learning Engine, with an accuracy rate of up to 98%.

The DV-3200 comes preconfigured with IDIS Solution Suite (ISS) VMS and IDIS Deep Learning Analytics. The DV-3200 enables accurate and calibration-free AI features, including object detection, line crossing, intrusion and loitering detection.

It also features object classification, enabling advanced search functionality driven by IDIS Instant Meta Filtering, designed to speed up and transform incident investigation. It allows rapid forensic post event search by trigger, object, colour and number across multiple video cameras, with automated searches.


Intelligent Security Systems

ISS (Intelligent Security Systems) announced that its video analytics will soon be available to purchase through solution aggregator partners in a new range of pre-validated hardware-software configurations.

These packaged offerings are fully integrated artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for applications in smart spaces, such as cities, retail, transit, stadiums, campus, manufacturing and more.

Powered by NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) and NVIDIA BlueField data processing units (DPUs) and combined with leading software platforms, these appliances are suited for power compute- and data-intensive applications like AI video analytics.

ISS has leveraged NVIDIA GPUs in several high-profile deployments, including the recently held 2022 World Cup in Qatar. ISS’ AI-enabled video analytics solutions, powered by NVIDIA GPUs, were installed at vehicle checkpoints for the eight World Cup stadiums in and around Doha, along with logistics areas and a fan zone.



At ISC West, i-PRO expanded its multi-sensor camera lineup with six new dual-sensor models.

The new i-PRO multi-directional dual sensor cameras monitor two separate areas simultaneously, such as hallway intersections, with a small form factor requiring minimum power, cabling and a single VMS licence. A corridor mode enables an optimized aspect ratio to get “less wall and more hall,” providing the best image regardless of deployment, according to the company.

“With our new dual sensor models, i-PRO is now offering a complete range of multi-sensor cameras. From five sensors on the multi-directional + PTZ, to four and three sensor multi-directional cameras and now the dual sensor models, there is a high-quality product available for every possible installation requirement to minimize blind spots,” said Adam Lowenstein, director of product management, i-PRO Americas, in a statement. “Having dual 4K sensors plus AI-based analytics raises the bar again for performance and flexibility.”

The four S-series models can be configured with dual 4K sensors with 3.1mm fixed lenses supplying the widest 104° FOV or dual 4MP sensors with 2.9-7.3mm motorized varifocal lenses with a 100° FOV and a 2.5x zoom. In addition to low-light performance, the cameras also feature IR LED illumination supporting a distance of 40m (30IRE). Each model can be ordered in either a white or black housing to suit installation requirements.

Advanced AI-based sound classification analytics — with the ability to detect yells, glass breaking, vehicle horns, and gunshots — are also available with S-series models when using a specialty mount with an embedded microphone.

For installations that don’t require AI-based analytics, i-PRO’s U-series models feature the same dual 4MP sensors with 2.9-7.3mm motorized varifocal lenses and 2.5x zoom available in the S-series.

S-Series availability is set for late March, while U-Series availability is slated for late April.

Among the products highlighted at ISC West, i-PRO also introduced AI Scene Change Detection to its edge-based AI analytics applications and the latest release of its MonitorCast Access Control software.


Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls announced a new IQ Pro Hybrid Security Panel, purpose-built for intrusion protection in commercial buildings, large residential facilities, campuses, and K-12 markets. The IQ Pro supports PowerG’s advanced sensor technology with wireless range and extensive portfolio of life safety and security devices.

With IQ Pro, installers have the flexibility to connect over Wi-Fi or Ethernet, while simultaneously communicating via LTE. Dual-path connectivity improves redundancy and reliability, according to the company, integrating with Alarm.com for Business, delivering remote connectivity, management, and access.

“IQ Pro refines the commercial security category for Johnson Controls, bringing a flexible architecture enabling future hardware and software innovations and integrations,” said Mike Hackett, vice president, global sales & marketing, Johnson Controls in a statement. “By investing in this solution now, building owners and managers can have peace of mind that their facility will be protected for years to come, even as their needs evolve.”

Additional features include IQ Installer Interface for easy installation, addressable loops, and capacity for eight partitions, more than 100 zones, and more than 1,000 users.

Johnson Controls also announced it is collaborating with Soter Technologies, a growing health-safety technology company, to offer technology to school administrators to combat the student vaping epidemic. The companies announced that Johnson Controls will integrate Soter’s advanced school vape detection and alert technology into its offerings for current and new clients as an expanded offering to its security and building technology solutions.



LenelS2 showcased new and upcoming product and service innovations, with a focus on cloud-based solutions, at ISC West 2023.

Highlights included a showcase of the upcoming cloud release for LenelS2’s OnGuard platform. Through a broader Carrier agreement announced last year, LenelS2 collaborates with Amazon Web Services to support cloud deployment options for OnGuard.

LenelS2 also revealed upcoming enhancements to core product lines, including its NetBox and Elements platforms. NetBox enhancements in v5.6 include new reporting and event management capabilities, a modernized mobile app and more. The Elements platform is rolling out cloud-to-cloud integration with BEST Switch Tech locks enabling remote lock management and monitoring, new edge video recording, and site-wide emergency lockdown functionality.

Additionally, LenelS2 showcased its product cybersecurity practices, advanced service offerings and the latest joint developments through its OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP), comprised of more than 150 members.

Conference guests also viewed a demo of the Abound Occupant Assistant application that unifies LenelS2 access control systems, including BlueDiamond mobile credentialling, with other business systems to provide insights for intelligent building operations.


Morse Watchmans

Morse Watchmans showcased its line of key control and asset management solutions at ISC West 2023.

Featured solutions on display included:

The KeyWatcher Touch electronic key cabinet is a scalable key control solution for organizations looking to secure, manage and track keys and other assets. With a 7” touchscreen and patented SmartKey system with KeyAnywhere technology, withdraw and return a key securely to any key cabinet located within an enterprise. KeyWatcher Touch also integrates with many brands of access control systems for a layered security approach.

SmartKey electronic locker systems are suited for securing, tracking, and controlling access to larger objects. Set up SmartKey Locker systems as a personal metal locker storage space for one or multiple users. SmartKey metal locker cabinets are engineered for interactivity with other business systems such as access control.

Get touchscreen convenience with the KeyBank Touch key access control system. The bright 7″ touchscreen key organizer system gives users an easier-to-use interface for the management and control of up to 18,000 keys and 10,000 users per site.



Qognify announced an upgrade program for customers of its video management system (VMS) Ocularis. Launching in May 2023, the program will provide a roadmap that will enable existing Ocularis customers to upgrade to the flagship Qognify VMS.

Jeremy Howard, VP sales, physical security, Americas, said: “In recent years the requirements for physical security systems have changed significantly. Video technology is increasingly becoming part of an integrated physical security ecosystem and therefore needs to interact with other technologies such as video analysis, access control, licence plate recognition (LPR) and physical security information management (PSIM) solutions. This is the power of Qognify VMS.“

Howard added: “With Qognify VMS, we have a future-proof video management system that meets all of these advanced enterprise requirements today. In addition, it offers a wide range of capabilities including cloud storage, embedded video analytics, global system monitoring and health check as well as PSIM/incident management options, which can be adapted to the specific requirements of multiple industries – even beyond physical security requirements.”



Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, along with its wholly-owned subsidiary, Robotic Assistance Devices, (RAD), and ECAMSECURE, a GardaWorld company, showcased ECAMSECURE’s Virtual Gate Guard at ISC West 2023.

“We are honoured and thrilled that ECAMSECURE is RAD’s first private labeler,” said Steve Reinharz, CEO of AITX. “ECAMSECURE is a recognized brand in portable security systems, and we are working closely with them to make their Virtual Gate Guard a success in stationary autonomous security solutions.”

“The team at RAD has a keen insight as to where AI-based technology is heading,” said Lemuel Blanco, president and CTO at ECAMSECURE. “The Virtual Gate Guard is an example of that. Companies can augment security guards and deploy Virtual Gate Guard, which would result in reducing their costs compared to manned security.”

ECAMSECURE’s Virtual Gate Guard is a compact and mountable unit that provides an edge-to-edge 180° field of vision with advanced access control over gates and other controlled points of entry. The Virtual Gate Guard takes advantage of the RAD Software Suite providing a solution for logistics and distribution centres, storage yards, parking structures and lots, and corporate campuses.


RGB Spectrum

Showcased at ISC West 2023, RGB Spectrum provided a sneak peek at their new Zio D2100 AV-over-IP decoder. Designed as a low-cost, compact device, this decoder is suited for large security operations where rack space is at a premium. It supports video resolutions up to 4K/60 for high-quality imagery and variable bitrates for transmission over WANs, LANs and mobile environments.

In addition, RGB Spectrum XtendPoint KVM-over-IP extender was showcased the booth. Visitors saw how this scalable KVM matrix-switching solution connects multiple users with controllable systems. XtendPoint supports multi-headed computers.

The Zio Mobile app lets a remote user view live streams in real-time. Operators can push streams to mobile devices using Zio’s browser-based GUI. Remote users can also browse and select streams for viewing on their mobile devices.



Senstar provided a glimpse into the near future for its Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform at ISC West.

The technical preview included a new customizable workflow engine shown as a solution for logistics operators, an improved video pipeline subsystem, and a new mobile app for remote management.

The engine uses sequenced events from multiple sources to trigger rules. Sources can be anything managed by the Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform, including video analytic metadata, sensor status, access control devices, monitored I/O devices, and integrations to other systems.

“We are pleased to demonstrate how Senstar can solve real problems faced by logistics operators,” stated Fabien Haubert, Managing Director at Senstar. “In this scenario, the new workflow engine checks if a truck is matched with its cargo correctly. This solution can be customized to suit an organization’s business processes.”

Also previewed as part of the Senstar Symphony demonstration:

• new user-friendly mobile app for iOS and Android devices which will allow management of common Symphony features
• new video pipeline subsystem with fast video switching between complex, multi-view video panels
• ONVIF Profile M support, which enables access to metadata from cameras and other devices without the need for custom integrations.

New functionality will be made available in updates to the Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform in Q2.



Sielox unveiled several new product and business initiatives at ISC West 2023.

Visitors to the Sielox exhibit experienced Kterio XenaBI, an integration solution that enables users to manage and control physical security and building systems at the device level. Kterio XenaBI enables IoT device level analysis, management, reporting and control on a single agnostic platform. The cloud-based solution accommodates a virtually unlimited number of analog and IoT physical security and building management devices across the enterprise to accommodate applications at any scale, according to the company. Kterio XenaBI is being exclusively offered in North America by Sielox.

Other Sielox solutions on display and available for demonstration, included:

  • Sielox Pinnacle 11.0 Access Control Platform with pre-emptive intelligence
  • Sielox AnyWare 2.0 Browser Based Access Control Solution with expanded functionality
  • Sielox CLASS 2.0 Emergency Notification and Response Solution
  • Sielox 2700 Intelligent Access Controller (a replacement for the Sielox legacy 1700 controller)


Shooter Detection Systems

Working with its parent company Alarm.com’s engineering team, SDS has created a special version of its sensor that can now be installed and monitored by Alarm.com service providers. Active Shooter Intelligence will now be more accessible to small businesses that want the detection capabilities found in SDS’s enterprise class solution, but at a lower cost of ownership and support from their Alarm.com service provider, according to SDS. This solution is available exclusively through Alarm.com service providers for customers that use the Alarm.com platform to manage their video, access control and other security devices.

Additionally, SDS will, based in part on working with the Department of Homeland Security, expand its product offering to include building perimeter coverage. SDS says its new product is being built from the ground up to deliver reliable coverage of parking lots, entrances and courtyards. SDS’ perimeter solution will not record, process or transmit audio data. SDS’ total building perimeter solution will work with existing indoor installations and is designed to provide security and law enforcement with a complete picture of gun violence activity in and around a single structure. This solution is in development and will be available later this year, says the company.


Teledyne FLIR

Teledyne FLIR showcased its new cameras and multilayered security solutions at ISC West. FLIR is expanding its broad portfolio of visible cameras by launching its first family of visible security cameras with artificial intelligence (AI), the FLIR Quasar Premium Mini-Dome AI, which made its debut at ISC West.

The FLIR Quasar Premium Mini-Dome AI is available in three models — 5 MP, 4K Wide and 4K Narrow — and all options feature 12 unique analytics to detect people, vehicles, objects, attributes and events. For the 4K Narrow option, the AI detection distances are 152 m (499 ft) for vehicle, 71 m (233 ft) for person, and 25 m (82 ft) for face. Both 4K models also have additional lens options: varifocal 4.5 to 11 mm (40.4° to 110° HFOV) as well as varifocal 11 to 28 mm (15.5° to 38.5° HFOV) for longer distances and wider fields of view.

Attendees who stopped by the FLIR booth also saw the FLIR R-290­­ radar paired with the fixed mount FLIR FH-Series ID camera and pan-tilt-zoom FLIR DX-Series camera, both of which feature thermal sensors and 4K imagers.



TRENDnet announced the release of its free TRENDnet Hive mobile app for remote network cloud management, available for both Android and Apple devices.

The new Hive mobile app gives users the ability to have full control over multiple networks in multiple locations, including managing, monitoring and configuring Hive cloud compatible network devices. Users will be able to experience most of the features available on the TRENDnet Hive web portal from a mobile device. However, new licences must be purchased through the web portal.

“Integrators need to be able to access networks they manage around the clock to address critical issues as quickly as possible to minimize damages or downtime to a network,” said Evan Davis, senior manager of solutions engineering at TRENDnet. “With the TRENDnet Hive app, they can now manage multiple networks and locations remotely without needing to roll out a truck and go onsite, saving on both time and costs.”


Vector Flow

Vector Flow demonstrated its range of automation solutions at ISC West 2023, highlighting Physical Identity Access Management (PIAM) automation wherein organizations can autonomously manage individual identities over the entirety of their lifecycle under one platform.

“PIAM is the new security imperative for CSOs as they face new and emerging cyber-physical security threats and workforce management challenges,” said Ajay Jain, founder and CEO of Vector Flow. “Our ground-breaking PIAM automation platform effectively aggregates all the data related to identities, credentials, and permissions to provide organizations with data-driven insights and actionable intelligence. With such intelligence, organizations are empowered to better protect their people, property and assets with higher levels of cost- and operational-efficiencies.”

Designed to deliver a one-credential, one-identity solution across the enterprise, this solution leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to automate all identity management tasks such as on/off boarding of an identity into physical security infrastructure, badging and credentialing, physical access management, access audits and compliance, etc. The AI-enabled software uses learning algorithms to identify and address security gaps and also delivers recommendations for security improvements and user tasks.

A new module recently added to the Physical Workforce Identity Suite is Vector Flow’s Workspace Occupancy application, which enables organizations to track and forecast occupancy by departments, business units, personnel types, peak occupancy, day of the week and more. The applications intuitive dashboard provides users with actionable insights that can be leveraged to identify popular and under-utilized spaces and forecast future use of valuable space.

Vector Flow’s Workforce Identity Suite also now includes Next-Generation Visitor Management System (VMS) For Enterprises.

In addition to its Physical Workforce Identity Suite, Vector Flow also demonstrated its other categories of solutions, Security Operations Center (SOC) Automation and Physical Security Threat Intelligence, at ISC West 2023.


Video Mount Products

Video Mount Products, a provider of mounting solutions for the security, commercial, CI, residential, and pro audio/video markets, announced the launch of its new Rack Rail Mount LED Gooseneck Light during ISC West 2023. The ER-LIGHT-118 is now shipping with an MSRP of US$199.95.

“Our customers have been asking for a way to provide light in our cabinets in situations where there is little to none,” said Keith Fulmer, president of VMP. “Trying to hold a flashlight and utilize it from all angles in such tight spaces is nearly impossible, and it is also clumsy and literally hampers most work by taking away the use of one hand. So, we are now providing the solution with the ER-LIGHT-118.”



viisights debuted its viisights IQ at ISC West 2023. viisights IQ is a new auto-learning technology that enhances viisights behaviour recognition video analytics to reduce false alarms, increase event precision capabilities, and improve overall operational efficiency, according to the company.

“viisights behavioral recognition video analytics are deployed around the world, helping improve security and safety through the real-time precision and analysis of events. Our new viisights IQ technology will make our entire portfolio of viisights wise solutions even more effective,” said Asaf Birenzvieg, CEO, viisights. “viisights IQ automatically creates a customized machine learning model for each camera to increase precision capabilities and dramatically lower the false positive rate. This approach overcomes one of the biggest challenges of scaling real-time video analytics by eliminating false alarms and improving the effectiveness of camera systems of any size.”

viisights IQ enhances the system operation by adding a new auto-learning function that implements autonomous training to learn what is, and what is not, an event of interest within a scene. viisights IQ analyzes the video for each individual camera in the system and adjusts the learning to take the specifics of that camera view into account. For example, every camera view has many environmental and behavioural characteristics: point of view, type of objects, number of objects, the speed that objects move, how objects move, lighting conditions, and more.

viisights IQ technology will be available as part of the wise product solutions suite starting Q4/2023.

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