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ISC West 2019 preview – Part 4

The latest installment of ISC West is right around the corner. The annual security industry event, hosted in Las Vegas, Nev., April 10-12, is a showcase for new and upcoming technology and trends.

March 6, 2019  By  SP&T Staff

Each year, the conference draws over 30,000 security professionals and showcases more than 1,000 exhibitors on the show floor. Here is a preview of what attendees can expect to see in the exhibit hall area, with information supplied by some of the major security manufacturers and service providers scheduled to appear.


Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America announced its latest addition to its portfolio of Public Safety Solutions: the AS-1 Camera, small enough to fit behind a vehicle’s rearview mirror and including features that provide high-performance video evidence capture.

Key features of the Panasonic AS-1 camera include:


• Compact (4.5” W x 1.77”H x 1.45” D) 1080p camera mounts behind the rear-view mirror

” CMOS Sensor with 3X digital zoom

• Wide-angle field of view (86° Horizontally, 46° Vertically)

• Extreme low-light performance: Color images with as little as 0.03 lux, black-and-white with 0.02 lux.

• Built-in G-Force sensor with 10 levels of sensitivity

• Single Ethernet cable carries power, signal and control

• Multiple mounting options

• Fully compatible with Arbitrator 360° HD in-car digital video systems

At ISC West, Panasonic will also highlight FacePRO, its deep learning facial recognition system using extreme sensing and enhanced detection technology to identify persons of interest and alert authorities of their presence in real-time. Visitors can demo Panasonic’s FacePRO high-precision facial recognition software, which identifies faces that are difficult to recognize with conventional technologies, including faces at an angle of up to 45 degrees to the left or right or 30 degrees up or down, even those partially hidden by sunglasses or surgical mask.



Princeton Identity’s new IOM Access 200W is a weatherized iris reader for outdoor use that employs mulitfactor biometric technology to offer highly secure glance-and-go identification and authorization in all weather conditions. It is the latest addition to the IOM Acesss200TM biometric product family. The IOM Access200W is the first outdoor solution of its kind, which, when integrated with access control platforms, allows customers to unlock exterior building doors without removing gloves or reaching in pockets to find access cards. It is suitable for use in heat, cold, humidity, direct sunlight and low light conditions.

Key features include:

• Environmentally sealed. IP67

• Operates in both cold and hot environments

• Ruggedized IK10

• Iris biometric

• Configurable PIN Pad

• Integrates with external card reader

• AES Encryption

• Face Capture

• Wiegand In/Out

• Local subject cache

• 24v DC/PoE Plus



BOOTH: 4117

Safe Zone, a Melbourne, Fla. technology start-up, announced it will introduce its Safe Zone Gunfire Detector (GFD).

The Safe Zone Gunfire Detector combines the latest infrared and sound detection technologies with immediate cloud-based data analysis. Safe Zone’s advanced machine-learning algorithms analyze more than 3,000 data points of each loud noise that exceeds ambient levels by a certain threshold.

By utilizing the data from multiple detectors simultaneously, the system determines the location of shots fired, the number of shots, and the type and calibre of gun being used. Within 10 seconds of the trigger pull, an alert is sent to Public Safety Access Points in the appropriate dispatch centre, giving local 911 dispatchers all the critical information right on their computer.

The Safe Zone Gunfire Detector is a small (less than 3” x 3”) triangular unit that mounts in a ceiling corner and provides gunfire detection for an area of up to 9,000 ft. Safe Zone utilizes the latest Wi-Fi communication and cloud-based machine learning technologies to send and analyze data that returns usable information to local law enforcement and on-site administrators in less than 10 seconds. Safe Zone can be connected to third-party alarm, surveillance, door lock and mass notification systems.



Sielox’s AnyWare is now available in two sizes, an eight-door system and an increased capacity up to 40 doors. AnyWare now reads two-factor authentication (card and PIN) and an expanded range of reader and card types (ANSII Mag/ Custom Wiegand, HID Corporate 1000, and PIV, CAC and TWIC). The browser-based access control platform’s scalability makes it suitable for small to mid-sized businesses.

Any configuration changes are instantly updated to the controller when saved from any device. The Cardholder Custom Fields feature allows up to 32 additional data fields for each cardholder and multiple cards per cardholder record including key fobs, photo ID Cards, vehicle tags and mobile credentials.



SilverShield is a cloud-based and multi-platform that works on PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices, enabling schools and other organizations to make use of existing hardware.

The SilverShield Visitor Management System produces near real-time sex offender and watchlist checks on all visitors. It provides temporary ID badges, notifies staff of visitor arrivals, identifies VIPs upon arrival, and keeps a database of visitor history. When combined with the SilverShield ID Badge System, it also provides permanent ID badging for staff, students, volunteers, vendors, and more.

The SilverShield Incident Management System is a near real-time alarm system that integrates directly with the Visitor Management System. It alerts local police, initiates a virtual lockdown, and produce alert messages via email, SMS/Text, mobile and web push notifications.

The SilverShield Event Management System pre-screens guests against watchlists and the national sex offender database. The system will manage RSVPs and can issue parking and visitor passes to approved guests via email and SMS/text.

SilverShield’s HR and Safety Resource Center connects schools and businesses with local, highly-trained security professionals to develop a security assessment, plan and documentation.

The SilverShield Kiosk System empowers visitors to register themselves upon arrival – manually or with a driver’s license. Suited for organizations with unstaffed entrances, the Kiosk System will quickly notify staff of VIPs or unwelcome guests, increasing security at all entrances.



TRENDS, an exception-based reporting and video surveillance solution for enterprise retailers, allows corporate executives to make better decisions, catch employees who steal and decrease operating expenses. Designed for flexibility to scale regionally and nationally, TRENDS business intelligence software can be quickly customized to unique retail business models, point-of-sale systems and reporting needs. With this solution, retailers will be able to deliver actionable strategies for locations that need additional employee training or loss prevention support.

Featured benefits of TRENDS include:

• Provides timely data to help executives concisely understand business inputs, processes and activity.

• Reduces unknown theft by identifying broken processes, data discovery shows point-of-purchase successes and challenges. This eliminates frustration between departments and helps expose organized crime activity.

• Incorporates video surveillance: advanced video visualization decreases operating expenses across the company. This provides training teams with onboarding intelligence that accelerate employee learning and documentation for asset protection teams when prosecuting employee theft cases.



Vanderbilt ACT365 is a complete cloud-based access control and video management solution that enables end users to manage their security system from any device at any time. The solution allows users to remotely control and manage access to their facilities without a dedicated IT department, giving them the ability to deploy a robust security solution while saving money on significant infrastructure investments. Users are able to easily scale the solution to accommodate additional doors or cameras, as well as view live and recorded video, manage users, conduct muster reporting in the event of an emergency and review alarms — all from a unified cloud-based interface.



Verint’s video and security solutions on display will include VMS One, a comprehensive mission-critical system that provides enhanced safety and security operations, including video management, dynamic GIS-based maps, and a variety of bi-directional integrations with additional systems, in a unified, intuitive user operation. Verint will also showcase Verint FaceDetect, a powerful and versatile video analysis solution that allows users to find persons-of-interest in real-world situations. Additionally, Verint’s branch surveillance and fraud investigation solutions will be on display, including Verint Video Investigator, which facilitates a streamlined, efficient and timely investigation process for financial fraud and security investigators.



Viakoo, the provider of a proactive solution to automate surveillance and access control system verification and compliance for the security industry, has a new product specifically designed to address this issue, tailored for organizations that are not yet ready to commit to a fully automated update management system.

The new offering, called Camera Firmware Update Manager (CFUM) Lite, lets end users define their own standard for what firmware should be used for each camera make/model. Then, the system performs an automated electronic audit of their system, identifying every connected camera and determining what firmware is currently installed. Users see a clear report that shows the compliance of every camera to the defined standard, saving time and ensuring accuracy. The solution is available for free.



Vintra makes AI-powered video analytics solutions that transform any video from any type of camera into actionable, tailored and trusted intelligence

FulcrumAI, Vintra’s enterprise-ready whole-building security solution, is a force-multiplying analytics platform, built on Vintra’s proprietary deep learning architecture, with a broad range of trusted security and safety applications that deliver measurably better security and safety outcomes, reduce operating costs, and increase operator productivity.

FulcrumAI works with a customer’s existing IP camera network, including mobile cameras of all kinds, and delivers face recognition, instant subject search, BOLOs, Safelists and Blocklist powered by face recognition, along with person re-identification and a full suite of video forensic capabilities such as gender detection, intrusion, clothing colour, vehicle detection, direction of travel, and more. FulcrumAI has been optimized to run on cutting-edge GPU servers, such as NVIDIA’s V100.


This story appeared in the March 2019 edition of SP&T News Magazine.

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