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IrisAccess compatible with NFC Blackberries

Iris ID Systems Inc. (formerly LG Electronics, Iris Technology Division) and HID Global announced that the IrisAccess platform iCAM7000 can be used with select NFC (Near Field Communications) enabled BlackBerry 7 smartphones.  The BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 smartphones activated with HID Global’s iCLASS digital credentials will be compatible with the installed base of iCLASS readers that are embedded in the iCAM 7000 series for applications ranging from physical access systems in buildings to applications that track time and attendance, and other identity dependent applications.

March 27, 2012
By Staff

Using a NFC-enabled BlackBerry smartphone, the iris templates of a user are securely stored to an iCLASS digital credential on the phone. That credential can then be presented for authentication by simply holding the NFC-enabled BlackBerry smartphone in front of an iCAM7000 series iris camera, just like users do with a physical iCLASS smart card.



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