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IP Video researcher: Axis Communications to enter access control market

IP Video Market Info recently reported that Axis Communications, best known as a leading IP surveillance camera manufacturer and one of the founding members of ONVIF, is set to enter the access control market.

November 16, 2011  By Staff

Citing unnamed sources, the IP video news and analysis firm, reported that Axis is on the verge of releasing “at least one model of IP-based controller and potentially a line of controllers/IP edge readers.” According to the report’s author, IP Video Market researcher Ethan Ace, “this has the potential to be a major strategic shift in the market as surging IP video companies look to overtake access control providers.”

When contacted by SP&T News for comment, Axis spokesperson Domenic Locapo responded with the same company statement that appeared in the IP Video Market article: “If you know the history of Axis and its product portfolio (print servers, storage, and now network cameras), it’s evident that we are an innovative company that continuously explores the market for the use of network-based products. We see physical access control products as an interesting area and a natural complement to our existing network video product portfolio. We continue to explore the possibilities in this market.”

Ace surmised that “Axis’s impending entrance will make an impact. What no one knows yet is whether they will ultimately leave with their tail between their legs or whether they can genuinely shake things up.”


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