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IP training at Tri-Ed

Tri-Ed’s 2009 IP training sessions for dealers and integrators coming to Canada.  

April 23, 2009  By Staff

The IP Video Tech Tour Training classes are part of Tri-Ed’s Masters
Training Program and cover the basics of networking, IP configuration,
and IP video and network video recording. Attendees learn the IP lingo
and leave knowing how to set up a small to medium network.

The trainings are being led by Jeffrey Stout, Business Development
Manager for Tri-Ed, and also feature vendor presentations and a
table-top showcase.

Stout reports that dealers have been impressed with the simplicity of
new IP cameras and their ease of hook up. Networking topics that
dealers are most interested in learning about, he says, span Megapixel
(HD) video surveillance, network architecture, and Network Video
The training sessions will continue May 26 in Toronto; June 2 in
Vancouver and June 9 in Halifax. The IP Video Tech Tour Training
classes run from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Tri-Ed Toronto is located at 3688 Nashua Dr., Units A-F in Mississauga,
ON (905-677-8997); Tri-Ed Vancouver is located at 3006 Beta Avenue in
Vancouver, B.C. (604-257-0800) and Tri-Ed’s Halifax branch is located
at 133 Ilsley Ave., Unit K, in Dartmouth, NS (902-481-8743).


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