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mobiDEOS recently announced a new IP- and cloud-enabled surveillance platform, UCNE, that can leverage existing and new analog infrastructure while cost-efficiently transitioning systems to the network.

January 22, 2015
By Staff

mobiDEOS is now extending UCNE’s capabilities to deliver a cost- and time-efficient video verification solution for alarm dealers by working with central stations.
Alarm verification has been mandated by many law enforcement agencies, and UCNE makes it affordable for all end users—while empowering systems integrators, alarm dealers and central stations to earn additional recurring monthly revenue (RMR) through value-added services. A business or residence with an analog four-channel DVR can transition to UCNE for as low as $160, with video verification capability included. Similar IP-enabling systems typically cost up to $1500 for the same feature and take much longer to implement. The lower costs enabled through UCNE will also simplify the customer acquisition process for alarm dealers.
“Adding video verification to UCNE will help central stations eliminate false alarms, and influence an immediate response from law enforcement agencies based on evidence of an intrusion, crime or other security-related event,” said Sri L. Palasamudram, chief executive officer (CEO), mobiDEOS.  “As a result, remote monitoring staff is better empowered to act on behalf of their end customers across businesses, residences and public spaces.” 
Mr. Palasamudram added that UCNE customers can decrease long-term cost of ownership whether they leverage existing analog infrastructure or add inexpensive new analog cameras to support video verification. As UCNE seamlessly integrates with existing or new analog camera equipment from multiple remote and enterprise sites on the network, this eliminates the need to purchase and install new IP cameras to support video verification.
mobiDEOS UCNE previously announced integration with Immix central station software of SureView Systems, and is working with other central station software companies. Integration with mobiDEOS UCNE requires only a single line API.

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