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IP call stations

Talkaphone has introduced VOIP-600 Series, the next generation of its Voice over IP call stations that feature a contemporary new design. In addition, the call boxes are rated IP66 and use marine grade stainless steel to endure the harshest of environments.

September 22, 2014
By Staff

Talkaphone’s speaker and microphone components along with a proprietary audio enhancement algorithm offer high sound clarity. VOIP-600 Series IP call stations feature a clean and simple interface with a backlit call progress signage for the hearing impaired. An integrated secondary Layer 2 switch Ethernet port allows other IP devices to be connected directly into the unit.

The unit is available with an optional integrated IP camera for video surveillance applications. Advanced self-diagnostics and reporting features include microphone and speaker test, button test, and WEBS speaker array test, which are reported back to the user via email, phone call, or activation of an auxiliary output interface.

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