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IONODES new body camera compatible with Milestone software

July 29, 2022  By SP&T Staff

IONODES has completed the verification process of the PERCEPT Body Camera to offer confirmed compatibility with the Milestone XProtect software.

The PERCEPT Body Camera is an IoT-connected open-platform wearable device designed for commercial and enterprise applications. It features 4G LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity, immersive 180° video at 4K resolution, flexible recording options and full shift battery life, making it suitable for customers that need a real-time body worn monitoring and recording solution.

“Being able to add live streamed audio and video from the robust PRECEPT bodyworn camera to any Milestone XProtect installation gives organizations exciting new ways to support compliance initiatives and limit liability in any person-to-person interaction. This opens up a wide array of new applications outside of traditional uses by police, including education, healthcare, casinos/hospitality, municipalities, and any other settings in which we wish to ensure compliant interactions,” said Dave Nieweg, community management program owner, from Milestone Systems in a statement.


The PERCEPT Body Camera offers  4K video and uses a Panomorph lens that captures a 180° field of view offering exceptional level of detail from the centre of the image to the edge. The image produced by the body camera is dewarped directly within the Milestone XProtect Smart Client for viewing and navigation.

Users can stream video events directly to the Milestone XProtect VMS or record them locally and synchronize them automatically when the camera reconnects to the VMS network.

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