Integrated management of security information for smaller systems

Security, planning, processes – the right information is always important. It usually comes from different systems. G-SIM from Geutebruck provides the perfect overview. New features include not only the different working levels for beginners and experts: As of now, it is also perfectly suitable for smaller systems.

September 26, 2014
By Staff

Geutebruck’s G-SIM meets the highest standards for graphical representation, alarm management and documentation. And because these requirements have nothing to do with the size of the system, G-SIM is now so scalable that it is as well suited for small and medium-sized systems as it is for complex, networked infrastructures with multiple locations. The scope of functionality is also scalable, from powerful and compact to highly flexible and complex, for beginners or experts.

At all levels, operation using the self-explanatory user interfaces is extremely simple. Access and representation are flexible, from a simple workstation to monitor walls to a tablet. By simply dragging and dropping, the screen windows can be customized with dynamic site plans and status-based graphic elements. Video search is supported by efficient tools, from metadata search to timeline. It can also be performed directly from other applications and take advantage of additional information, such as process data. Scenes can be linked intelligently to visualize complex processes. This makes it possible to understand what happened, step-by-step.

Alarms can be reliably processed and prioritized. When an alarm occurs, predefined scenes are automatically activated. The user can handle the alarm in a calm manner, according to his own, predefined plan. If multiple alarms appear simultaneously, G-SIM prioritizes them and organizes the team. Extensive user rights management ensures that individual users can only see and do what they are supposed to. Even the control of movable cameras can be prioritized, based on the user or the alarm.

To ensure that this extensive user administration system remains efficient, G-SIM is organized centrally and automated in complex applications by being linked to the Microsoft Active Directory. The tamper-proof logging of all control and system procedures ensures comprehensive compliance and data protection.

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