Infrared motion detectors

Smarter Security has announced the availability of a new line of four SmarterBeam passive infrared (PIR) motion detectors. Already designed with precision engineering to deliver the highest levels of alarm accuracy, SmarterBeam has features that vastly lower its vulnerability to defeat, including a second PIR sensor that eliminates the creep zone.

January 29, 2015
By Staff

Wireless, self-powered SmarterBeam models allow rapid installation of intrusion detection in areas once deemed too challenging or costly to properly secure..
“With these new motion detectors we’ve greatly enhanced our offering with little change in the price,” said Jeff Brown, CEO of Smarter Security. “Existing customers wanting more will be pleased, and we aim to extend our share of the market for perimeter intrusion detection systems. Our wireless SmarterBeams will be compelling for certain organizations and represent a sign of things to come as Smarter Security works to simplify and lower installation costs of physical security.”
SmarterBeam from Smarter Security is now available in two wired models that follow the successful path of their predecessors and two similar wireless models equipped with Inovonics RF technologies. A unique, downward-facing PIR sensor eliminates the creep zone close to the detector that is a common vulnerability in the industry. This provides gap-free coverage and obviates the need for additional technology to cover the creep zone. Additionally, approaches from any side of SmarterBeam will be detected and signal an alarm. Security is further enhanced with the addition of sophisticated tamper protection. Tamper alarms alert any opening of the housing or mounting bracket, any movement of the detector, and any attempts to mask the detector by blocking it with objects or sprayed materials. SmarterBeam wired models have five programmable alarm outputs that are easily configurable in enhanced software to distinguish between intrusion zones, tamper efforts and the two PIR sensors. The upgraded enclosure includes a flexible mounting bracket that is ready to install on a wall or a pole and has a higher IP rating of 65.
SmarterBeam wireless models protect the same coverage areas but can be quickly installed without trenching or cable runs for power and alarm outputs. The low-power units run on included batteries that have a two-year life-span, which can be extended with an available solar power option. Wireless SmarterBeams have a built-in Inovonics transmitter that sends alarms to an Inovonics receiver. After nearly 30 years, Inovonics provides a mesh network that is flexible, scalable, and highly reliable so security is not compromised.
Smarter Security’s SmarterBeam is a line of PIR motion detectors designed to secure assets and operations in harsh outdoor environments and temperature extremes. The heat signature from a person entering the coverage area will be detected and cause an alarm. Precision mirror optics and advanced digital signal processing allow SmarterBeam to detect threats with minimal nuisance alarms. SmarterBeam LR and LRW models protect areas up to 500-feet long and are designed for fence lines and perimeter boundaries. The WA and WAW models secure an area 100 feet wide making them appropriate for fields or rooftops. Learn more about SmarterBeam at http://www.smartersecurity.com/outdoor-security/smarterbeam.

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