IndigoVision NVR-AS 3000 based on Linux

IndigoVision’s NVR-AS 3000 standalone units are Linux-based, providing a robust and resilient plug-and-go recording solution. They offer dual power and network connections, surveillance rated disks and RAID configurations. The units can be set up to work as failover backups or mirrored NVRs or distributed around the network to deliver a fault-tolerant and redundant recording environment. This ensures a high-level of video recording security and gives peace of mind to the end user.
Each NVR-AS 3000 can record video and audio from up to 64 cameras and playback up to 20 video streams at full framerate simultaneously. For example, a single unit could record H.264 video from 32 cameras continuously at 4SIF, full framerate, based on moderate motion levels for 50 days, with a typical power consumption of just 53W for a RAID configured unit. The combination of compression, NVR performance and low power consumption leads to a smaller equipment footprint, less AC cooling plant and lower running costs.


March 2, 2011
By Staff

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