Imtradex announces new wireless radio communication for emergency control centres

In any emergency, clear communication, along with reliable communication technologies, is  important to enable effective and smooth-working procedures. This is why our core aim is to constantly improve the sound quality and usability of headsets for dispatch and control centres, to always provide clear and effective communication.

August 31, 2011
By Linda Johnson

With the new IFB-REVARIO system, Imtradex provides an innovative communication solution for control centres. The wireless send button PTT-13WL and the IFB receiver enriches a standard wireless phone headset by “push to talk,” (PTT)-function. The IFB-REVARIO has recently been improved significantly. The new version goes along without Keeloq encryption. Instead, PTT-function is now run by the digital exchange of individual serial numbers. This allows parallel operation of several systems without interferences, which reduces operating costs significantly.

Another important novelty is the range control function. If the user is about to step out of range or the communication has already been cut off, the headset produces a continuous beep as a warning tone, until the user steps back into range. Though this safety function can be switched off upon request, it should attract the dispatcher’s awareness, to avoid stepping out of range. Furthermore, the new version of the PTT-13WL send button will now be provided in black ABS plastic.


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