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IMS Research’s top security trends to watch for in 2011

U.K. based security research firm IMS Research recently compiled its top security trends to watch for in 2011.

February 14, 2011
By Staff


Among the highlights is the growing popularity of wireless infrastructure for municipal security applications. According to IMS: “Wireless infrastructure has a number of things going for it right now. Firstly, it reduces the cost of infrastructure when compared with the traditional trenching and laying of cable, which in the current economic environment is unsurprisingly popular. Secondly, wireless infrastructure offers networking in areas of cultural significance, such as city centres and historic sites, without the need to dig up roads — in some cases, it is the only option.”

IMS also spotlighted HDcctv —the development of an open standard of high definition video that relies on coaxial cable as its means of delivery.

IMS “predicts that HDcctv will be a strong trend impacting the video surveillance market in 2011 as vendors begin to release HDcctv compliant products. Two key proponents of the HDcctv standard, Speco Technologies and Everfocus Electronics, have both announced that they intend to begin shipping HDcctv certified products in early 2011. Furthermore, the majority of the current membership of the HDcctv Alliance is comprised of OEM/ODM manufacturers and many of these vendors expect to begin shipping HDcctv products to various video surveillance ‘brands’ during 2011.”

According to IMS, in the short term, HDcctv will not present a significant impact on the adoption of network video surveillance but “there is potential for it to do so in the long term.”


Other trends to watch for include: a market forecast for cloud-based video surveillance, the growth of commercial thermal surveillance and the potential for security in 3D. A full list (in pdf) is available on the IMS Research website.

IMS Research compiled by Alastair Hayfield, Niall Jenkins, Gary Wong and William Rhodes.

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