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IMS predicts tipping point for IP versus analogue video equipment

IMS Research forecasts that 2013 will be the tipping point when world network video surveillance equipment sales overtake analogue video surveillance equipment sales.

June 13, 2012
By Staff


IMS Research recently published a report, “IP Trends in Security – A Survey of Systems Integrators and Installers.” The report also found that currently 80 per cent of North American systems integrators and installers purchase IP-based video surveillance equipment from IT distributors, and that this was expected to increase to 90 per cent of systems integrators and installers in three years’ time.

According to a recent media release from IMS: “This finding compliments the fact that increasingly IT distributors are looking to add video surveillance products to their product range in the next 18 months. This could be good news for the traditional IT integrators who are also looking to enter the video surveillance industry, as they will already have the established relationships with their IT distributors.”

The release adds that many IT integrators are going directly to camera manufacturers for security know-how rather than seeking advice from distributors.

IMS’s IP Trends report also indicates that IT managers were ranked ahead of other key influencers such as physical security managers, chief security officers and consultants in their ability to influence which IP-based video surveillance products are chosen. A reason cited for this influence is the size of IT budgets relative to security budgets.


The IP Trends in Security is published in two regional volumes, Europe and North America. IMS Research was recently acquired by IHS Inc.

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