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Immervision’s IONODES’ PERCEPT body camera now has ultra-wide lenses

November 24, 2021  By  SP&T Staff

Immervision’s IONODES’ PERCEPT body camera now has ultra-wide lenses

Immervision, a developer of vision systems combining optics, image processing, and sensor fusion technology, announced its ultra-wide lenses will be integrated into IONODES’ PERCEPT body camera. This collaboration will give physical security to workers with a body camera that can capture in real-time potential security threats or issues in high resolution through a Panomorph lens with 180° field of view.

“In the physical security industry, the challenge that most companies face with body worn cameras is that the video fails to effectively capture what’s occurring due to narrow field-of-view and poor image resolution,” said Eric Tasso, President at IONODES in a statement.

“By selecting Immervision technology and their team of experts, we are providing security, industrial and commercial organizations with the highest-quality wearable cameras to improve safety, enhance security, optimize business processes and provide transparency.”

IONODES’ body-worn IoT device is the first of a series of products that combines Immervision’s ultra-wide-angle lens, image processing and sensor technology with IONODES 4K camera, and connects to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE. IONODES’ device integrates with a GPS receiver and 9-axis motion sensor. This combination allows users to closely follow the field of view in real-time, to stabilize the image and provide location tracking to users.


“Over the last 20 years, Immervision has focused on cultivating and perfecting its expertise in advanced vision systems, giving devices in industries such as physical security the ability to truly perceive the world around them,” said Pascale Nini, President and CEO at Immervision in a statement.

“Immervision and IONODES are deeply committed to offering the best vision systems in the market for security and surveillance, and we look forward to continuing to make more innovative strides in developing high-quality wearable camera devices and AI-based vision systems.”

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