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IHS Markit white paper reveals top 2017 global technology predictions

From artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things (IoT), “innovations are unfolding in virtually every technology sector around the globe, continuing to change the way consumers, businesses and machines interact while also spurring the next revolution in tech market growth”, says a new white paper from IHS Markit.

January 2, 2017  By  SP&T Staff

For the white paper, IHS Markit surveyed its technology experts, who represent various industry segments including advertising, automotive, connected networks, consumer devices, entertainment, displays, media, semiconductors, telecommunications and others. These analysts were asked to provide their informed predictions for the global technology market in the New Year.

The top seven technology trends for 2017, listed in no particular order, are:

Trend 1 – Smart Manufacturing Accelerates With More Real-World Products

Trend 2 – Artificial Intelligence (AI) Gets Serious


Trend 3 – The Rise of Virtual Worlds

Trend 4 – The “Meta Cloud” Era Arrives

Trend 5 – A Revolution in New Device Formats

Trend 6 – Solar Still the Largest Source of Renewable New Power

Trend 7 – Low-Power Technologies Extend Reach to Inaccessible IoT Devices

For more on each trend, click HERE.

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