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IDIS extends product warranty an extra two years

IDIS recently announced the “IDIS Ultimate Warranty,” extending the company’s standard warranties for recorders from three to five years, while adding additional extensions of the manufacturer’s guarantees for its latest-generation technologies by two years, bringing the warranty for IDIS’s H.265 network video recorders (NVRs) and multi-format HD-TVI IDIS DirectCX TVRs to seven years. IDIS cameras eligible for the two-year extension will see their guarantees extend to five years.

July 28, 2017  By Staff

Andrew Myung, President of IDIS America, said in a statement, “IDIS has a long reputation for bringing new and innovative products to market. Each time we do, we guarantee that each element has been designed and manufactured in-house by IDIS with quality and reliability at the forefront. We’re proud to still have IDIS DVRs in operation after more than 13 years and that they have required little to no maintenance. It’s because of our confidence in this quality and reliability that the IDIS Ultimate Warranty is a natural step. It was not a difficult choice to extend guarantees for our recorders to as many as seven years as our confidence in our products and track record as a manufacturer fully support such a move.”

The IDIS Ultimate Warranty will apply to products shipped globally from July 2017 and is expected to be fully available on all covered products in the Americas by early fall.

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