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The latest version of IDenticard Systems' expressionsID Badging Solution supports multiple card technologies and assorted applications. The product, which is part of IDenticard's line of integrated security products including customer ID cards and badge accessories, ID badge software, access control systems, smart cards, biometric solutions and visitor management software solutions, offers additional features such as print queue management, cardholder filtering and reporting, a data import utility and active directory linking.

April 23, 2009
By Staff

Designed for ease of use, the system draws on the expressionsID cardholder database and provides ready-to-use card designs that can be modified easily with convenient drag and-drop controls and saved as new designs. Badges can be printed directly from the data entry screen.

A key feature of the badging software is the record navigator, which provides folder-based management of cardholder records, allowing the user to custom-configure records to display in groups for fast, simultaneous viewing and to eliminate record-by-record searches.

Used as stand-alone software, expressionsID makes it possible to take advantage of multiple card technologies, including magnetic stripe, bar code or biometric data. Single or multiple cards can be used for photo ID, access control, time and attendance and even applications such as vending, debit or library transactions.


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