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Icontrol opens door to more integration

Icontrol Networks has announced that it is expanding its ecosystem of available devices to include cloud-based integrations. This extension of the Icontrol Developer Program allows application and device developers to integrate with Icontrol-powered solutions via the cloud, in addition to the traditional technology standards that have driven the industry to-date. The cloud integration technology has allowed Icontrol to certify new applications and devices including AccuWeather, Rachio’s Iro smart sprinkler controller and Nest’s Learning Thermostat. Icontrol is also working towards being certified via the Works with Nest program.

November 2, 2015  By  SP&T Staff

“Many of the apps and products that consumers love – AccuWeather, Iro and Nest being perfect examples – are cloud-based,” said Bob Hagerty, CEO of Icontrol. “This new extension of our Developer Program means that any Icontrol-powered solution can more easily integrate with any cloud-based connected device, in addition to ZigBee, Wi-Fi or Z-Wave devices. This is an exciting step in our quest to remove the technological barriers standing in the way of smart home adoption.”

The Icontrol Developer Program is global, meaning security companies and service providers outside of North America can take advantage of this expanded ecosystem. For example, Japan-based iTSCOM, a premier cable provider and a division of the Tokyu Group, has integrated iRemocon, a cloud-based device that turns users’ smartphone or tablet into a remote control for the home.

“This is a win for everyone involved,” said Letha McLaren, CMO of Icontrol. “Icontrol-powered security and service providers can offer their customers more device options, and those options can be controlled from a single user experience without bringing technology or compatibility into the conversation. Developers will benefit from a streamlined integration process, and increased flexibility while maintaining control over the device user experience.”

Icontrol’s 2015 State of the Smart Home Report found that interoperability was one of the most significant barriers to smart home adoption. The Icontrol Developer Program means that a vast majority of devices are now compatible with Icontrol-powered solutions offered by leading service providers and home security companies worldwide.


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