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IC Realtime launches Cloud storage service

IC Realtime has launched ICMyCloud, secure off-site video surveillance storage option for residential and commercial applications.  Compatible with the brand’s lineup of video surveillance cameras and recorders, the service starts at US$7.99 per month per channel, with slight up-charges based on options selected.  Each channel activation earns the dealer a recurring monthly commission from IC Realtime. The brand is offering end-users a free 30-day trial period upon signup.

August 26, 2015  By  SP&T Staff

ICMyCloud’s bandwidth capabilities make possible live-streaming in high-definition (1080P), as well as 2-way talk and night-vision features.  Monitoring is achieved via computers and iOS and Android devices. Uses for the storage include home and small business surveillance as well as baby and pet monitoring.

ICMyCloud is hardware agnostic, therefore single cameras, NVRs and hybrids can be used. The company says it will shortly release new functionality such as video analytics (for virtual fences, object detection, people counting, etc.), motion alarm alerts and more.

According to IC Realtime CEO Matt Sailor, “The user-interfaces of the traditional Cloud-based storage services on the market are weak because they’re just too difficult to navigate, nor are they security-focused,” says Sailor. “We designed ICMyCloud to be intuitive to view live camera feeds, play recorded content and create video clips and snapshots.”

IC Realtime dealers activate their client’s ICMyCloud plan directly at www.icmycloud.com.


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