Video Surveillance
Home dome camera from Legrand

Designed for operation in any space, the On-Q IP Dome Camera from Legrand is triggered by motion sensors to take pictures, capture 1080p HD video and send e-mail alerts to homeowners. Once alerted, or at any other time, users can log into the camera via the On-Q IP Camera App to observe what’s occurring on their property via live video feeds.

March 2, 2017
By SP&T Staff
SP&T Staff

The camera features professional-grade night vision that enables users to see up to 50 feet in total darkness without loss of resolution. Its varifocal lens allows for motorized remote camera zooming for close-ups that provide a better look at any corner of their property.

32GB of MicroSD storage is built into the camera for basic recording, and extended recording is possible when it is used with Legrand’s CM7120 Network Video Recorder.

In addition to standalone use with the app, the camera can be integrated into the On-Q Intuity home automation system. The camera’s compact dimensions (less than 6″ x 4″) make it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.