Video Surveillance
Hitachi teams up with Milestone, OnSSI for video management

Three new models of Hitachi Video Management Platform (VMP) are designed to aggressively move the company into the video security and monitoring markets, a sector that has more than $6 billion total available market (TAM) opportunity, based on recent estimates from an independent research firm.

September 13, 2016
By SP&T Staff
SP&T Staff

The new Hitachi VMP configurations combine virtualized compute and storage and are delivered as fully integrated, turnkey appliances. These new models are optimized for enterprise video security and monitoring environments and support video analytics.

Hitachi also announced that it is growing its partner ecosystem and expanding its strategic alliances with digital video management system (DVMS) industry leaders Milestone Systems and OnSSI to develop and deliver joint solutions that offer increased levels of enterprise security, workplace safety, and industrial and operational efficiencies.

“Our customers want to do more with their video assets than is possible with existing video management platforms or legacy technologies like CCTVs,” said Mark Jules, vice-president, public safety and smart city solutions at Hitachi Insight Group. “We designed Hitachi Video Management Platform to take their video security deployments to the next level. Together with our world-class channel and alliance partners, Hitachi is supporting video analytics and other advanced technologies that will future-proof their security environments and help them fully capitalize on digital video and IoT.”

Video management systems provide a critical foundation for both physical and digital information assets that support a holistic security program and regulatory compliance in enterprise and institutional security environments. Hitachi notes that video monitoring, which has traditionally supported only physical security, is now being used to support new applications, such as improving traffic congestion, increasing industrial and operational efficiencies and supporting workplace safety. These applications are driving a flood of “big video” data that requires enterprise-class storage, fast data recall, expanded data security and little-to-no degradation to effectively support real-time monitoring and analysis.

“Video monitoring and security are key areas where digitalization can offer profound benefits. However, the migration to digital video solutions has been slow, due in large part to the limitations of existing products and a reliance on legacy technologies and analog video formats. With its Video Management Platform, Hitachi is addressing a major gap in the video compute and storage market that has prevented physical security solutions from evolving to fully embrace digital transformation and IoT,” said Pierre Bourgeix, vice president at consulting firm SecureState.

Bourgeix continues: “ Hitachi VMP bridges the digital and physical divide in enterprise environments to help security, IT and business operations teams better utilize video technologies to reduce risk, increase security and workplace safety, and drive greater operational and organizational efficiencies,”.

Hitachi VMP has been fully tested and certified compatible by its partners to support the XProtect VMS software from Milestone Systems, and the Ocularis 5 VMS software from OnSSI, respectively. Hitachi is collaborating with both companies to co-develop solutions, accelerate GTM and expand opportunities in the fast-growth video security and monitoring market.

“Milestone’s robust open IP video management software together with the simplicity and reliability of Hitachi’s Video Management Platform will help to pave the way for smarter, safer cities, industries and businesses of the future,” said Reinier Tuinzing, strategic alliances manager, Americas, at Milestone Systems.

“We see tremendous opportunity for OnSSI and Hitachi to gain prospects and take share in a marketplace ripe for next-generation video management solutions,” said Mulli Diamant, vice-president of international business development at OnSSI. “During VMP’s certification testing, we were impressed with how well its virtual foundation performed in supporting a thousand-camera system.”

Hitachi VMP is built on trusted commercial technologies from the Hitachi Group family of companies, including Hitachi Data Systems’ (HDS) Virtual Storage Platform (VSP). Similar to Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP), Hitachi VMP combines best-in-class storage, network and compute technologies delivered as a tightly integrated converged platform that is optimized for virtualized environments.

Hitachi VMP is now available in three configurations to support medium to large enterprise security environments ranging from 150 to 10,000 or more cameras: the VMP 150, VMP 500 and VMP 1000.

One of the key benefits is the system’s high availability. According to Hitachi, many existing video management platforms are reported to have data loss rates of 20 per cent or higher. Hitachi VMP delivers fully redundant, highly available storage to ensure little-to-no data loss and minimize video degradation.