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HID identifies five major trends in access control based on survey of security professionals

July 2, 2024  By  Neil Sutton

Image: HID

HID has identified five major trends in access control in its 2024 State of Physical Access Control Report.

The report, which was produced by IFSEC Global in partnership with HID, is the result of a survey conducted with more than 1,200 security professionals globally. The survey took place between November 2023 and January 2024.

According to this report, the trends are as follows:

1. Mobile access and digital ID are set to become ubiquitous
The report indicates that almost 40% of organizations are actively using mobile identifies. Touchless/contactless solutions (48%) and mobile access (44%) were named as the two largest trends shaping the access control industry.


2. Open standards are driving the smart buildings phenomenon
The report states that “physical access control data is helping not just to decide who should be allowed into the building, but also how that building can best be used.” Report data indicates that about half (48%) of responding organizations have access control systems in place that, to some extent, can be used to monitor building usage throughout the day. As well, 43% of respondents said smart buildings was one of the top three trends influencing access control. Integration with other business functions was also listed as a top trend by 32% of respondents.

3. Sustainability is becoming a greater influence on business decisions
About two-thirds (63%) of respondents said that those with responsibility for sustainability within their organizations are consulted or have some influence on decisions to do with upgrading access control systems.

4. The rise of AI
According to the survey, 38% said they are looking to incorporate artificial intelligence or machine learning into their access control systems (though the same number were also not sure what the benefits were). Only 23% said they didn’t have any plans to incorporate AI technologies.

5. The growing role of biometrics
By 2031, the worldwide market for biometrics is expected to reach US$136B while the global facial recognition market alone is predicted to grow to more than US$16B by 2030, up from US$3.83B in 2020.

The full report is available for download on the HID website.


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