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HID Global and Microsoft to deliver open standards for identity and access management

HID Global recently announced the next step in its collaboration with Microsoft to deliver solutions that allow users to use smart cards to log into Microsoft Windows, devices and cloud-based apps.

April 27, 2018  By  SP&T Staff

A new FIDO 2.0-based authentication solution combines HID’s expertise in authentication with Microsoft’s expertise to add an extra layer of security.

FIDO 2.0 is an open standard-based, user authentication framework that replaces passwords with advanced FIDO credentials designed to more effectively resist and fight cyberattacks, including phishing and data breach attacks, says HID Global.

Users can use an HID smart card that contains a FIDO 2.0 credential without doing proprietary work. Microsoft is building the FIDO 2.0 support into web browsers, cloud applications and Windows itself.

“Working with Microsoft on advancing open standards for identity and access management will put FIDO credentials into different form factors that HID delivers, including a smart card, an app on a phone, a USB dongle or other things,” said Brad Jarvis, VP and managing director of identity and access management solutions with HID Global. “By being open, FIDO 2.0 can be leveraged to authenticate a wide range of applications that implement the standard and ensure interoperability, which is scalable and the vital ingredient for trusted identities everywhere.”


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