HDMI over IP management software

MuxLab Inc.'s new HDMI Over IP Management Software works in conjunction with MuxLab’s HDMI Over IP Encoders and Decoders to allow HDMI equipment to be distributed and routed via a dedicated Gigabit Ethernet LAN.

February 4, 2014
By Staff

The Windows-based software allows HDMI matrices of up to 16 x 200 to be managed when deployed on a DHCP and IGMP-enabled Gigabit LAN. The software is controlled from any PC that has a wired or wireless LAN connection.

“By allowing any MuxLab HDMI encoder to be switched with any MuxLab HDMI decoder, a wide range of broadcasting and multicasting HDMI solutions are possible,” states Marc Bohbot, MuxLab’s Director of R & D. “For example, the software includes a Set-up Wizard that allows each HDMI device to be discovered and configured on the network for quicker system deployment.”

Additionally, the software allows device names to be customized in order to adapt to any residential or commercial application and features diagnostics that verify the HDMI link for greater ease of troubleshooting.

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