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Hanwha announces Wisenet 7, next generation System on Chip

Custom chip provides industry leading cybersecurity, and high-quality images in any lighting conditions

August 4, 2020
By SP&T Staff

Hanwha Techwin America, a supplier of IP and analog video surveillance solutions, will debut its next generation Wisenet 7 SoC (System on Chip). New key features include industry leading cybersecurity features, clear images in all lighting conditions, improved lens distortion correction and more.

“Hanwha Techwin concentrated on image quality and cybersecurity when developing Wisenet 7. This enables us to make the smartest and most secure video cameras on the market today while giving us a platform for further innovation as we react to these challenging times,” said Ray Cooke, vice-president – products, solutions, and integration, Hanwha Techwin America, in a prepared statement.


Wisenet 7 offers end-to-end cybersecurity with high levels of protection including secure boot, OS, storage, and JTAG, plus a signed firmware/open platform app and more. Hanwha Techwin established its own device certification issuing system to embed certificates and encryption keys into the product during the manufacturing process. When firmware is installed and a certificate is verified, it uses these encryption keys which can never be reprogramed. This creates a trusted platform module that separates the end-user side of the camera application from the network (Linux).


New WDR technology for even clearer images in variable lighting

Wisenet 7 utilizes multiple combined technologies. Digital Overlap and Scene Analysis technology reduces motion artifacts and improves picture quality in low light conditions. Dynamic Range is maximized and noise is reduced when composing multi-frame images captured at varying exposures by processing line by line vs. each frame. This minimizes motion blur and improves edge and color definition of objects, making them easier to identify when viewing live video and during forensic review. XCE (eXtreme Contrast Enhancement) technology is utilized to analyze the back-light area of the image and enhance contrast by analyzing nearby pixel color values in the surrounding area.

Enhanced low-light performance

Wisenet 7 employs motion history-based temporal filtering to analyze the motion data of moving objects in low-light environments. Temporal filtering removes or attenuates frequencies within the raw signal that are not of interest. A new Noise Adaptive Hybrid Motion Detection algorithm significantly reduces sensor noise. These clearer images improve the results for object recognition performance in low light and offer maximum performance for machine and deep learning algorithms.

Improved Lens Distortion Correction

Wisenet 7 corrects barrel distortion common with wide angle lenses up to 100% at all resolutions. The correction is done in-camera to provide a video output more closely representing how humans perceive images across a wide field of vision.

“The first Hanwha Techwin Wisenet SoC was released in 2010 in response to the unique requirements of security professionals. Our focused development efforts have continued as technology and business needs have evolved to where we are today. Our most powerful SoC ever, Wisenet 7, delivers a new level of quality, performance and cybersecurity to our industry,” concludes Cooke.

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