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Hands-free door kits

Norton has expanded its 5600 Series of hands-free door kits, which add touchless, power-operated opening capability to a door.

May 23, 2014
By Staff

The hands-free kits combine a wave-to-open switch with the 5600 power operator and optional electric strike to provide a “clean” exit so the user doesn’t have to touch any hardware. “The 5600 Series now offers hands-free capability that can be mounted to either side of a door,” said Chris Wolfe, Business Development Manager, Door Operators. “Our 5600 Series kits provide reliable touchless functionality at affordable prices and make ordering easier for security integrators.”

When combined with other hands-free products, the kits offer a simple and effective way to create a completely touchless environment. For example, when used with automatic toilets, soap dispensers, sinks and dryers the 5600 Series hands-free kits create an entirely touchless, germ-free bathroom experience. The kits also convert interior, non-fire-rated doors for ADA compliance, easily and affordably. The 5600 Series kits are appropriate for examination room doors and doors in laboratories, rehabilitation facilities and other areas as well.

The Norton 5600 Series low-energy power operator is ideal for retrofit applications as well as new construction. It is non-handed and features an electrically controlled backcheck, sweep and latch for quiet operation. It includes a built-in 24VDC power supply for use with accessories and offers a variety of functions such as hold open from 0 – 30 seconds, a door closer mode for manual usage, an electrified hardware and access control interface, push-and-go operation (as the door is manually opened, the operator senses the movement and opens the door to the full-open position) and additional features.

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