Perimeter Protection
GPS tracking device monitors foot patrol personnel in real time

NovaTracker has rolled out what it says is the security industry’s first real-time GPS tracking solution for foot patrol security personnel.

February 13, 2008
By Staff

Called GuardTrax SFL, the product enables security supervisors and
managers to track, monitor and manage their field security forces in
real time by using GPS antenna GSM wireless communication, which
combines location and activity data with mapping and satellite imagery
software that is accurate to within several feet.
The cell phone-sized, weather-resistant product is useful in situations
where security officers need to notify supervisors quickly of
emergencies, fan altercations at sporting events or any of 23
pre-designated security events. Instead of trying to yell into
walkie-talkies, they can punch in a three-digit emergency code:
GuardTrax SFL uses a multi-function button coding system that sends
location, time, date, and other critical incident location data to the
GuardTrax server. The reports are immediately relayed from field
personnel to supervisors and managers via e-mail or SMS.

The product is also equipped with a motion sensor that will report if
the device has had no motion for a predetermined amount of time. If
something happens to security personnel holding a device, the security
operations centre will be alerted.



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