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Global Link Response Centre Inc.

September 11, 2020  Sponsored by by Global Link Response Centre

The Company:

Located in the City of Toronto, Global Link Response Centre Inc. is one of the primary leaders in the security industry. We deliver professional and reliable monitoring security services to thousands of homes and businesses across North America. The company was founded and incorporated in July 2001. After a full year and a half of careful planning, preparation and thousands of dollars invested in a modern state-of-the-art Burglary Certified facility and equipment, we enrolled our first customer in November of 2002.

As a result of business growth, Global Link Response Centre moved to their new facility in December 2006. With two ULC listed monitoring stations, Global Link Response Centre was one of the few ULC monitoring stations that offered real time redundant disaster recovery capabilities in Ontario, Canada. In 2009, enhancements were made to the monitoring station and building and they became ULC Burglary and Fire Certified Facilities.

When life safety and property issues arise, every second counts. By choosing Global Link Response Centre Inc. for monitoring of your Fire, Burglar, Panic and Medical Alarm Signals, you have the assurance of a prompt response.


Mission Statement:

Global Link Response Centre believes in total customer satisfaction. We strive to be your most valued resource in providing a full complement of security monitoring, world-class facilities and excellent customer service. We are committed to being the best in all that we do. Through strong innovative ideas and performance, we serve a channel by providing peace of mind to our community and customers. Verbal communication is crucial in emergency situations. A breakdown in verbal communications may result in loss of life or properties caused by damages in unwarranted situations. There are a growing number of Asian speaking population in North America as a result of thousands of people immigrating to North America. Hence a growing need for a multi-lingual security monitoring service that can provide effective verbal communication in the customer’s own native language. With leading edge technology and innovating products and services, we position the company to provide professional and reliable true multi-lingual monitoring and security services to residential and commercial premises across North America.

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