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Geofeedia and IDV Solutions announce partnership

IDV Solutions, LLC, has formed a technical partnership with Geofeedia, provider of location-based social media monitoring, intelligence and analysis. Through the partnership, Geofeedia’s location-based social media monitoring data will now be integrated into IDV Solutions’ Visual Command Center Enterprise Risk Visualization (ERV) software. 

March 17, 2015  By Staff

The combination of the two technologies enables security, supply chain and business continuity teams to gain instant intelligence from multiple social media networks for a myriad of risk events from a political demonstration to a natural disaster. The location-based visualization filters out excess noise to show important social media posts in the context of locations of interest, such as facilities, employee locations, supply routes or traveling executives.
Visual Command Center helps organizations take command of risk by providing a real-time, common operating picture of their assets, personnel and operations in relation to potential threats to those assets. It unites information on global sources of risk, like weather, terrorism, and natural disasters, with data from an organization’s internal data stores and physical security systems on an interactive map and timeline. When a risk is detected near an asset or employee location, Visual Command Center automatically generates an alert and provides tools to assess whether the risk is a threat and take immediate action to mitigate the impact of the threat. The Geofeedia integration complements Visual Command Center’s Twitter Visualization and Alerting Module by providing information from more social media networks and visualizing all posts within a selected area.
Geofeedia enables organizations to filter and analyze social media content by location in real-time across multiple sources. Users search for a city, address or location name, draw a virtual perimeter around their specific area of interest, and access geo-tagged social media content from within those boundaries in a matter of seconds.
“Companies are looking for ways to efficiently gain actionable intelligence from social media,” said Ian Clemens, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder, IDV Solutions. “The immediacy of social media combined with the alerting and locational context offered by Visual Command Center enables organizations to make more effective use of social media to protect employees, facilities and business continuity.”
“Location resolves the challenge of monitoring the massive amounts of cluttered data to identify meaningful, real-time on-the-ground intelligence when and where it matters most,” said Phil Harris, CEO and cofounder of Geofeedia. “We are thrilled to be able to help more organizations take advantage of our real-time, geotagged social media data to prevent, protect and respond to valuable intelligence.”

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