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Genetec’s IP Video Surveillance Solution to monitor 7,000 residences in Australia

The Office of Housing in Victoria, Australia, has adopted Omnicast, Genetec’s IP video surveillance solution, to protect the residents of approximately 7,000 dwellings within the city’s affordable housing development projects.
Currently, 72 individual sites are being monitored by over 700 cameras which function over a wireless Ethernet network, linking all buildings back to a central monitoring station. By the end of the project, the Omnicast system is expected to grow up to 1100 cameras total. Additional archive servers are also in use at the central monitoring station, where at least 28 days of all video recordings are held for video playback.

March 28, 2008  By Staff

The Office of Housing selected Integrators Australia to oversee the
development, deployment and maintenance of the system. According to
Dean Monaghan, General Manager at Integrators Australia, “There was
just no other solution that worked.” In fact, it was continuous
problems with their previous legacy system which prompted the Office of
Housing to shift away from their outdated DVR technology and to look at Saint-Laurent- QC.,-based Genetec’s network-based solution, Omnicast.
The new system demonstrates many advantages such as improved image
quality through better bandwidth management, increased ease of video
footage retrieval, and most importantly significant cost savings from
hosting other services over the same wireless network.

Since typically low-income residences are prone to some standard
challenges such as vandalism, violence and crime, Omnicast is primarily
being used to ensure the safety and well being of the tenants. “It is
just a very streamline process with Omnicast and the Office of Housing
is very satisfied with the new system,” says Monaghan.

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