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Genetec named fastest growing access control software provider, Omdia

August 30, 2022  By SP&T Staff


A recent report from Omdia has called Genetec the fastest growing access control provider in the world for a second year in a row.

According to the report, Genetec has taken market share from other access control vendors and moved up from the number four to the number two position globally. Omdia also states that Genetec has had the most organic growth in the Americas and was the fastest growing software provider in EMEA.

Genetec’s announcement explains that traditionally, the access control industry has provided few options for IT and cyber-security conscious customers. They have also stated that modern enterprises of all sizes are now looking to migrate to unified, open-architecture, and secure access control solutions that allow them to choose hardware that is most suitable to their needs. This is one of the driving factors behind Genetec’s market share gains.

“While traditional, proprietary access control vendors were hard hit the last couple of years, Genetec grew by almost 20 per cent globally, gaining ground in both the Americas region and in EMEA,” said Bryan Montany, physical security analyst at Omdia in a statement.


Genetec says it credits its growth to the continual development of its unified security platform, Security Center, where access control functions go beyond locking and unlocking doors and address non-traditional applications such as enclosure management.

Genetec also provides a growing selection of third-party access control devices. This allows organizations to choose the hardware that addresses their security needs and objectives, while avoiding the long-term setbacks of closed solutions. The open approach offered by Genetec solutions enables end users to scale up or down, broaden the capabilities of their solution, and migrate to the cloud at their own pace.

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