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Genetec launches international training partnership program

Montreal-based Genetec has launched a technical training partnership program which aims to provide select organizations with tools and resources necessary to deliver technical certification training for video surveillance and access control to customers.

April 11, 2012  By Staff

Once in the program, organizations will assign trainers who must undergo a Trainer Certification which will detail the standards and expectations that must be met for all technical and user courses. Upon completion of the course, attendees and their respective organizations become Genetec Certified Trainers for the specific solutions and versions.

As part of the Training Partnership Program, organizations will be responsible for scheduling training, organizing venues, processing registration and providing the training courses. However, to maintain consistent certification standards, Genetec will continue to handle certification exams and to issue training certifications.

“There has been an ongoing surge in the requests for our training courses and in order to fulfill this demand, it just made sense to ally with organizations who are skilled and knowledgeable in IP security technology and technical training,” said Jean-François Lemire, manager, professional services, Genetec. “We have already tested the program internationally in areas that require more localized experts and have seen great success. So we look forward to seeing the same results worldwide.”

Although Genetec trainers are able to cover a vast majority of international destinations and accommodate diverse languages, initial deployments of the program in regions throughout Europe and Australia have supplemented training efforts and offered advantages to all involved parties. At the outset, the new program will continue to target remote regions or areas of the world where the demand for training is high. Ease of access to classes, increased frequency of courses and cultural and linguistic tailoring will be offered to students under the new program.


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