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Genetec, Axis offer end-to-end secure transport

Genetec has announced a new level of secure integration with cameras from Axis Communications based on Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) as a means of hardening surveillance content against cyber-attacks and unauthorized interception.

April 26, 2016  By  SP&T Staff

Since early 2016 Genetec Security Center has offered full SRTP encryption for content archiving, as well as content transmission between the Genetec servers and their clients. Now the company is adding a secure end-to-end integration with Axis cameras.

At ISC West 2016, both Genetec and Axis presented this security collaboration, designed to protect the integrity and privacy of surveillance content starting at the camera or ‘edge’ and extending all the way to the archiver and the Security Desk.

“We’re excited about this strategic collaboration with Genetec and look forward to working with them to advance the ‘Security of Security’,” said Scott Dunn, senior director, business development solutions and services, Axis Communications. “SRTP is a strong technology that will enhance our industry and continue to push cyber security to the next level in the physical surveillance world.”

“Genetec and Axis Communications have always collaborated to provide their end-users the highest quality integration of video capture at the edge with analysis, management, and storage in Security Center—from a single camera to a large number of cameras in a multicast configuration,” said Francis Lachance, director of product management, Genetec.


End-to-end encryption will be applicable to select models from the latest generation of Axis security cameras, and will work in any type of deployment: from single-camera to a multicast environment, feeding multiple archivers or a combination of Archiver servers and Security Desk stations in Security Center. Both companies plan to offer full camera-to-archiver encryption benefits starting summer 2016.

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