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Frost & Sullivan analyzes the future of privacy and cybersecurity

Advanced technologies such as AI, blockchain and continuous authentication to transform the connected era in 2030

July 9, 2020  By  SP&T Staff

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, The Future of Privacy and Cybersecurity, Forecast to 2030, finds that by 2030, there will be a complex global network of 200 billion devices, with over 20 connected devices per human.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape is expected to expand beyond the traditional network, there will be an increase in the complexity of privacy and cybersecurity challenges, the report finds.

The report also suggests that the market will experience deeper synergies among data protection, security, privacy, and public good as more international frameworks are developed to govern the internet.

For further revenue opportunities, the report suggests cybersecurity vendors should:

  • Invest in/partner with startups offering technological innovations (Blockchain, AI) at the core.
  • Adopt an enterprise-wide cyber defense strategy rather than a dedicated cybersecurity unit.
  • Invest in a creative, “cyber-human” workforce with the flexibility to deal with the evolving nature of threats.
  • Allocate dedicated budgets for post-breach response solutions and recovery mechanisms.
  • Consider integrating solutions offering end-to-end security built into the system rather than “bolt-on” security features.

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