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Front door video monitoring

Providing homeowners with the convenience and safety of monitoring their front door from any internet-enabled device inside the home or out, Legrand has introduced the Video Door Internet Enabling Kit (CM2001).

May 9, 2014
By Staff

The Enabling Kit automatically send e-mail alerts and/or a live video feed to any web-connected device whenever the door bell is pressed.

“The Video Door Enabling Kit gives homeowners the peace of mind of knowing who’s at their door without having to answer it in person, even if they are not home,” said Fritz Werder, Legrand’s vice president and GM for the NuVo and On-Q product lines. “It adds the element of safety and puts the homeowner back in control of his or her home.”

Designed to be easily integrated into On-Q’s Selective Call Intercom system, the Video Door Internet Enabling Kit is also compatible with any analog camera.  When the front door bell is triggered, it automatically captures an image of whoever is standing within view of the camera.  It then e-mails that image to one or multiple e-mail addresses, creating a permanent record of who’s been at your door. Live video can also be enabled for real-time monitoring from any web-enabled device.

The Video Door Internet Enabling Kit includes everything needed to integrate it into On-Q’s Selective Call Intercom systems:  An IP video server, a power adapter, an A/V Y cable, a 2 conductor wire assembly, one BNC to RCA cable and instructions.

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